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The VIC 20 (referred to as the VC 20 in some territories) was Commodore's first stab at a colour computer. It's trademark chunky graphics were combined with an excellent keyboard, good sound facilities but only 3.5K of memory - although that wasn't a barrier for the programmers.

Commodore VIC 20 Reviews

A previously overlooked coin-op conversion for the VIC; silk purse or sow's ear?

 Frank added 09/09/2014  score 8 

Save the brave paratroopers from becoming a shark's lunch!

 Frank added 27/01/2013  score 7 

Another implementation of the classic Russian block positioning game.

 Frank added 27/01/2013  score 8 
Return To Fort Knox

Over 5,000 tons of gold to steal, only defended by... oversized rats?!

 Jason added 20/08/2011  score 7 

Actually working in a supermarket warehouse has never been this much fun.

 Jason added 21/11/2010  score 7 
Blue Star

An impressive attempt to crush a huge game into a very small space on the unexpanded VIC.

 Frank & Andy added 02/02/2009  score 8 
Quikman 2008

Wakka wakka wakka. No, not Fozzy Bear; it's time for another bite at the Pac-Man cherry!

 Frank & Gordon added 01/01/2009  score 7 
Frogger '07

Why did the frog cross the road? Because it's a new VIC incarnation of Frogger, of course!

 Bojan & Doug added 01/09/2007  score 8 

Some fast-paced and colourful puzzling action for the unexpanded VIC.

 Shaun B. & Gordon added 09/08/2006  score 8 
Astro Nell

Matt Simmonds manages to cram a huge Jet Set Willy game into the VIC... without extra RAM!

 Shaun B. & Frank added 23/09/2005  score 8 
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An expanding community dedicated to the VIC 20, why not head over and be supportive?

Aleksi Eeben

Coder of some excellent VIC titles such as Tammerfors and Dragonwing.


Multi-platform game, tool and demonstration developers since the mid 1980's.


UK-based purveyors of fine software on tape and disk for several 8-bit formats.


Distributors of the superb Carling the Spider for the VIC and other 8-bit fare.


A powerful multi-platform emulation suite that covers all of the Commodore 8-bits.

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