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Eden's Aegis is, as with previous releases from developer x.x Game Room, a bullet hell shooter - in other words, every enemy in the game is armed to the hilt, will be throwing bullets at your poor avatar like it's going out of fashion and has armour plating to boot! x.x Game Room have some practise at producing bullet hell already with their previous titles which include Blue Wish Resurrection and the dubiously-titled Green Wind and have taken that experience forward into Eden's Aegis.

The player characters are a couple of sorceresses called Maple and Nanathy (there are more to unlock apparently, although it's going to take a serious amount of skill to achieve) who, along with being able to fly unaided, are able to sling streams of powerful spells at their enemies and each witch girl has her own firing pattern, special attack and a stock of bombs available. Stabbing repeatedly at the main fire button will produce a stream of bullets... erm, spells and holding it down both focuses the firing forwards (Maple's bullet patterns are already more forward-facing) whilst slowing down the girl's movement to aid with manoeuvring between bullets.

That's for the best really, because there's going to be a massive number of bullets to deal with - even at the easiest setting there'll be swathes of purple to manoeuvre through so it's fortunate that the witches both have very small hit boxes (positioned at the base of the spine). There are also options to tweak the game, players can choose to enable or disable both the "auto guard" and "wait" features from the options menu (the former is similar to a smart bomb, except that it doesn't need a frenzied stab at the controls to trigger in emergencies and instead fires automatically on impact, whilst the latter causes the game to deliberately slow itself down should the action become intense) and at the start of play there are three difficulty modes labelled as "heaven", "normal" and "hell".

Eden's Aegis is definitely on a par with other doujin shooters for sound, sporting decent if slightly generic effects over some very appropriate music and the graphics are more than reasonable, with what little is visible of the backgrounds between the bullets looking good and the sprites themselves ranging from bright and colourful witches or bullets to grungy enemy machines. But even with all the customisation options from the menus, it's quite hard to recommend Eden's Aegis without some reservations because the difficulty curve is pretty steep even in the easier modes - but shoot 'em up fans generally shouldn't let the sea of purple projectiles in the screenshots push them away from giving it a whirl and those who really enjoy bullet hell and working out techniques for building mental scores should enjoy themselves. More casual players would most likely be happier with something a little more gentle like Genetos, though...



Format Indie
Developer x.x Game room
Released 2010
Price Free
Review Jason
Menu Screen
Menu Screen
   Overall 8
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