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Unless you're young or live in a cave on a remote mountainside you'll have heard of the Atari 2600; the fake wood panelled, top-loading console that pretty much started the home gaming revolution in the late 1970's. Although limited in power, the 2600's original design as a machine to play Pong has long been surpassed.

Atari 2600 Reviews
The Wicked Father

The titular "hero" needs help to avoid being trapped by rising water.

 Frank added 27/01/2013  score 7 
Halo 2600

Would you believe Halo for the Atari 2600? No, neither did we!

 Jason added 26/09/2010  score 8 
Rainbow Invaders

Time for another outing for those incessant invaders - this time on the big screen in colour!

 Gordon & Frank added 01/11/2008  score 4 
Elevators Amiss

A maid's work is never done and it doesn't help if the elevators go mad - time to call the union!

 Jason & Christian added 04/08/2007  score 7 

A 2600 conversion of the BBC and C64 classic - surely that just isn't possible... is it?

 Christian & Dan added 27/06/2005  score 8 

High-speed hardcore blasting action meets... space oyster collection of course!

 Andy & Paul added 19/03/2004  score 7 
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