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The Oric 1 and later Atmos were British-made machines aimed at the same low end computer market as the Sinclair Spectrum. Featuring colour graphics, a text mode and a reasonable sound chip, the Oric hardware is still being pushed past it's limits by developers.

Oric/Telestrat Reviews

A butch man in furs, rescuing fairies from an evil Queen... ooo-kay.

 Jason added 26/09/2010  score 9 
Toxic Slime

Wear your eco-friendly hat and lay waste to the industrial complex - leaving a gloop trail as you go.

 Frank & Andy added 01/06/2008  score 6 

A new twist on the classic Breakout variant, the bat's a bat but the ball is a line!

 Paul & Jason added 28/11/2004  score 7 
Zip 'N' Zap

What's better than a cute character in a puzzle game? Two cute characters in a puzzle game!

 Mickael & Jason added 17/04/2004  score 8 
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Defence Force Resources

Detailed information about developing games and demos for the Oric series hardware.


A large collection of games from the very first titles to most recent releases for the entire Oric range.

Oric Games

A website dedicated, unsurprisingly considering the title, game for the Oric machines.


One of the most prolific Oric developers going and responsible for the classy Zip 'n' Zap.


The final version of the Windows release of Euphoric, supporting various models of Oric.


Originally called Oriculator, this is a new emulator for Oric users that is designed to be portable.

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