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Sinclair Research's ZX80 and ZX81 were designed to be inexpensive home computers for the masses of the United Kingdom; offering only 1K of RAM as standard and black and white ASCII graphics, software and hardware developers alike found ways to creatively use the restricted hardware.

Sinclair ZX80/81 Reviews
One Little Ghost

In Soviet Russia, Pac-Man chases ghosts - Bob Smith turns Pac-Man on its head.

 Shaun B. added 26/02/2013  score 9 

More arcade-inspired antics as Paul Farrow continues to monkey around with the ZX80.

 Gordon added 20/08/2011  score 7 
Boulder Logic

The delights of Boulder Dash crammed into 16K of ZX81!

 Shaun B. added 20/06/2011  score 9 
Cannon War

War is all fun and games until somebody gets a cannonball in the eye.

 Jason added 20/06/2011  score 4 

Wakka wakka! Eating dots and being chased by ghosts, all in glorious ASCII.

 Gordon added 20/06/2011  score 7 
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Discussion about anything and everything ZX81 including new and classic games.

Paul Farrow

Developer of games utilising a flicker free display system on the ZX80.

Bob Smith

Developer of ZX81 titles such as Virus and Domin8tr1s which still isn't about leather-clad women.

The Mojon Twins

Previously part of the CEZ Games Studio team and now releasing games under their own label.


A multi-format emulator that supports ZX80 and ZX81 as well as assorted Spectrums.

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