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Designed for the BBC's Computer Literacy Project and doomed to be associated with schools rather than gaming for a long time, the BBC Micro series were well specified machines with an excellent flavour of BASIC and loads of scope for expansion.

BBC Micro Reviews
Hard Hat Harry

1980s-themed platforming and an excellent excuse for "hard hat" puns!

 Gordon added 17/05/2011  score 6 
Krystal Connection

More platforms to negotiate, this time in search of the legendary Power Krystal on Mars.

 Jason added 17/05/2011  score 8 

Vintage gallery shoot 'em up action written by the chap who wrote Qwak.

 Jason added 17/05/2011  score 7 
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Retro Software

The publishers behind just about everything we've reviewed for the BBC Micro and Electron!


A capable BBC Micro and Master 128 emulator for Windows and UNIX machines.

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