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I say, steady on old bean - it's getting close to teatime in bally old England and wouldn't you know it, some bounder has stolen all of the ruddy biscuits - without something to go with millions of cups of tea, the Empire will grind to a halt. How absolutely beastly of the cad! Only one splendid fellow can save the day, the very British Bob - fresh from his exclusive gentlemen's club in London, attired in business suit and bowler hat, equipped with his trusty brolly and sauntering bravely into the breach, Bob has been tasked by Her Majesty the Queen herself no less to head out into the rainy, platform-strewn backwaters of London town in order to reclaim England's honour and baked confectionary. Hoorah and God save the Queen!

Okay so the storyline is payback for the terrible national cliches perpetrated by 1980's 8-bit software from the UK but British Bob himself is rather spiffing, leaping and bounding about the place with the wild abandon of a traditional MSX platform character whilst simultaneously having to deal with some almost Manic Miner-ish jumping precision for some of the platforms. And when confronted with long drops, rather than plummeting to his doom, Bob's umbrella will unfurl to act as a parachute, making it possible to drift gently sideways onto platforms that would otherwise have been out of reach.

The graphics take the whole faux British theme and run with it, so the backgrounds include icons such as traditional British rain clouds, a bright red telephone box that serves as a goal on each level and the Great Clock of Westminster that appears to have been cloned in order to bookend the play area - the enemies patrolling to and fro within each screen continue the trend, including in their number sentries, red telephones, bulldogs and pint glasses of presumably lukewarm beer whilst the static collectable objects range from the aforementioned pilfered biscuits to a solitary cup of tea with saucer which must be collected last since it opens the phone booth exit. On completing the stage, Bob grins from ear to ear as he descends gracefully into the floor rather like John Steed and Emma Peel in that terrible movie adaptation of The Avengers.

Dubious cultural stereotyping to one side for a moment (partly because words like "spiffing" are driving the spelling checker out of it's mind) British Bob is a fine platform romp that plays well, has some good presentation and is only lacking in overall length, presumably because it's been crammed into a tiny 16K ROM - had it been a bit larger, the overall score would've been a shade higher but as it stands this is still a good addition to the MSX's games library - jolly good show old chaps!



Format MSX
Developer Relevo Videogames
Publisher MSXdev'09 Competition
Released 2009
Price Free
Review Jason
Download Available
Titles Screen
Titles Screen
   Overall 7
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