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Developed by Japanese computing giant ASCII and using a DOS from Microsoft, the MSX series were designed as the Esperanto of home computing; several companies built their own variations but all worked within standards and retained software compatibility.

MSX Reviews
Mecha 8

Take on the forces of evil in your 15 metre tall assault robot.

 Jason added 02/04/2013  score 8 
Invasion of the Zombie Monsters

Zombies, thousands of 'em - wait until you see the yellows of their eyes...?

 Gordon added 15/08/2010  score 7 
British Bob

What a frightful bore, some cad has stolen all the buscuits just before tea time!

 Jason added 27/06/2010  score 7 
Universe: Unknown

Space-bound shoot 'em up action, inspired by the Konami MSX classic Gradius 2.

 Jason & Andy added 01/01/2009  score 8 
Malaika: Prehistoric Quest

Time to get out there and become a part of prehistory, guiding Malaika through scrolling levels.

 Shaun C. & Andy added 01/09/2008  score 6 
Mr. Mole

Breakout those balls to smash through walls - this time is you've got a mole instead of the bat!

 Andy & Frank added 01/06/2008  score 5 
Bag Man

Get down, deeper and down as you try to recover your ill-gotten gains within the time limit.

 Jason & Shaun C. added 24/12/2007  score 2 
Griel's Quest for the Sangraal

Not an RPG as it first appears, instead this is fiendish forced perspective puzzle game.

 Dan & Jason added 01/05/2007  score 8 
Pair Logic

A simple but quickly addictive "find the pair" game from MSXdev'05.

 Jeff & Dan added 24/12/2005  score 4 
Kralizec Tetris

Every platform needs a good rendition of Tetris, here's one from the MSXdev'04 competition.

 Mark & Paul added 23/09/2005  score 7 
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