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The Commodore 264 series, represented in most countries by the C16 and Plus/4, were intended as replacements for the aging VIC 20 and popular but expensive to manufacture C64; their success in Europe has seen a remarkable amount of non-commercial software produced over the years.

Commodore Plus/4 Reviews
Adventures In Time

Pity the poor character whose day is ruined by being flung off into the temporal vortex!

 Jason added 27/06/2010  score 9 

Some fun puzzling action, try to match the flags as they move up the screen.

 Mickael & Andy added 28/11/2004  score 7 
Cross Motor

Jump on your bike and try to navigate the obstacles strewn all over the road.

 Paul & Dan added 07/04/2004  score 2 
Fast Food

Fast and furious maze action in this loose conversion of the Spectrum original.

 Jason & Mark added 28/01/2004  score 7 
Find Another Way Again

Find a safe route through the maze-like building, whilst being hunted by killers... scary stuff!

 Paul & Jason added 02/06/2007  score 4 
Get It

Dungeons to escape, skulls patrolling them and enchanted, moving keys... a regular day for us!

 Adam & Paul added 01/03/2008  score 6 

A "simple" test of memory, put the shapes back as they appear in the preview screen.

 Andy & Paul added 09/08/2004  score 6 

Try to control the bouncing ball to demolish the bricks, one colour at a time.

 Jeff & Jason added 11/03/2006  score 9 
Sabre Wulf

So, who's afraid of the big bad Wulf? Sabre Man doesn't appear to be!

 Jason added 06/05/2013  score 8 
Simple Puzzle Game

Here's a Simple Puzzle Game... is there anything more that needs saying?!

 Jason & Mark added 01/05/2007  score 4 
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Still growing (it's younger than OSG!) promising to be a great reference for C16 games.

Plus/4 World

A huge collection of C16 and Plus/4 software from the very first titles through to the present.


Multi-platform game, tool and demonstration developers since the mid 1980's.


UK-based purveyors of fine software on tape and disk for several 8-bit formats.


Distributors of the superb Adventures in Time for the Plus/4 and other 8-bit fare.


A powerful multi-platform emulation suite that covers all of the Commodore 8-bits.


An excellent emulator, available as Windows-specific or as an open source SDL version.

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