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Independendent games are either free or low cost alternatives to mainstream gaming and Oldschool Gaming likes that - although we only have an interest in titles that share a philosophy with the 8- and 16-bit games we look at.

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Connection Road

Help spanner-wielding Meg solve puzzles in her quest to grab lots of diamonds.

 Jason added 26/09/2010  score 8 
Eden's Aegis

Two anime witches up against the oppressors... there might be some bullets around too!

 Jason added 13/06/2010  score 8 

A journey through the history of shoot 'em ups told... by a shoot 'em up?

 Jason added 13/06/2010  score 10 

A pretty spot of horizontal blasting with overtones of Gradius and Darius!

 Jason added 15/08/2010  score 8 

Probably the shortest game we've ever seen, but Ifrit is all about the loops...

 Jason added 15/08/2010  score 7 

Time-based vertical shooting action - under the sea!

 Jason added 13/06/2010  score 8 
Pulse Blade

Take a modern blaster and add some early NES graphics... voila, Pulse Blade!

 Jason added 13/06/2010  score 7 
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