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A journey through the history of shoot 'em ups told... by a shoot 'em up?

 Jason added 13/06/2010  score 10 
Knight 'n' Grail

Your bird has been kidnapped and you're both cursed... time to do something about it!

 Frank added 17/05/2011  score 10 
Shoot 'Em Up Designer

Fancy trying this game creating malarky but can't program? Here's something you might want to see!

 Andy & Jason added 01/08/2008  score 10 
Advanced Space Battle

Take to the stars with this space-bound strategy game for single or multiple players from Protovision.

 Shaun B. & Andy added 01/05/2008  score 9 
Adventures In Time

Pity the poor character whose day is ruined by being flung off into the temporal vortex!

 Jason added 27/06/2010  score 9 
Boulder Logic

The delights of Boulder Dash crammed into 16K of ZX81!

 Shaun B. added 20/06/2011  score 9 
Castle Crisis

Enter battle with the neighbouring Warlords, who defend their realms from the dragons and fireballs?

 Andy & Jason added 01/03/2008  score 9 
Cosmic Hero

Connect circuits and collect flasks in this Sokoban-styled puzzler from Poland.

 Andy & Jason added 31/03/2004  score 9 
Dead On Time

Vertical scrolling and shooting action from Paul "Star Sabre" Kooistra.

 Frank added 02/04/2013  score 9 
Escape From Arth

The planet Arth is about to boil way into space - perhaps now is a good time to leave?

 Jason added 27/06/2010  score 9 
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