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Abe's Escape

The veteran Playstation game Oddworld makes the shift to an even more veteran platform.

 Paul & Andy added 20/05/2004  score 7 
Advanced Space Battle

Take to the stars with this space-bound strategy game for single or multiple players from Protovision.

 Shaun B. & Andy added 01/05/2008  score 9 
Adventures In Time

Pity the poor character whose day is ruined by being flung off into the temporal vortex!

 Jason added 27/06/2010  score 9 
Area 51

The US Government insists Area 51 doesn't have any secrets - but here's the big tamale.

 Paul & Jason added 01/06/2008  score 6 
Astro Nell

Matt Simmonds manages to cram a huge Jet Set Willy game into the VIC... without extra RAM!

 Shaun B. & Frank added 23/09/2005  score 8 

Strike a blow for terrorism against I.T. professionals with a CAT5 whip!

 Paul & Andy added 20/05/2004  score 7 
Bable Bable

Bork, bork, bork! An interesting new use for the Swedish language and indeed for belching!

 Jason added 20/08/2011  score 6 
Bag Man

Get down, deeper and down as you try to recover your ill-gotten gains within the time limit.

 Jason & Shaun C. added 24/12/2007  score 2 

Some fun puzzling action, try to match the flags as they move up the screen.

 Mickael & Andy added 28/11/2004  score 7 
Big Baps

We like to keep abreast of new games at OSG, so here's a nice Burger Time clone. Phwoar!

 Doug & Gordon added 01/09/2007  score 8 
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Reviews of new games for classic formats and indie titles, published on CD as ISO images.

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