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Shoot 'Em Up Designer

Fancy trying this game creating malarky but can't program? Here's something you might want to see!

 Andy & Jason added 01/08/2008  score 10 
Area 51

The US Government insists Area 51 doesn't have any secrets - but here's the big tamale.

 Paul & Jason added 01/06/2008  score 6 
Mr. Mole

Breakout those balls to smash through walls - this time is you've got a mole instead of the bat!

 Andy & Frank added 01/06/2008  score 5 
Toxic Slime

Wear your eco-friendly hat and lay waste to the industrial complex - leaving a gloop trail as you go.

 Frank & Andy added 01/06/2008  score 6 
Advanced Space Battle

Take to the stars with this space-bound strategy game for single or multiple players from Protovision.

 Shaun B. & Andy added 01/05/2008  score 9 

Time for CPC gamers to match together some "groops" of pretty tiles in order to dispose of them.

 Andy & Shaun C. added 01/05/2008  score 8 
Metagalactic Llamas

Or Metagalactic Llamas Battle at the Edge of Time to use it's full name... what's it about?

 Jason & Andy added 01/05/2008  score 7 
Cannon Bubble

It's got cannons, bubbles and pirates. All in one place! What more could it need apart from ninjas?

 Shaun B. & Shaun C. added 02/04/2008  score 8 
Flowers Mania

How many mutant flowers can you grow in an English country garden...?

 Mark & Andy added 02/04/2008  score 7 

Fancy a little bit of Othello-styled puzzling action? Well here's some for the Atari 8-bit for you.

 Doug & Mark added 02/04/2008  score 5 
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Reviews of new games for classic formats and indie titles, published on CD as ISO images.

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