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Universe: Unknown

Space-bound shoot 'em up action, inspired by the Konami MSX classic Gradius 2.

 Jason & Andy added 01/01/2009  score 8 

The Konami arcade classic arrives on the CPC Plus, after sliding dramatically past a juggernaut.

 Frank & Shaun C. added 01/11/2008  score 9 
Rainbow Invaders

Time for another outing for those incessant invaders - this time on the big screen in colour!

 Gordon & Frank added 01/11/2008  score 4 
Teradyne Warrior

Fire up the spaceship and blast off into the wibbly regions of space to blow the heck out of stuff!

 Andy & Gordon added 01/11/2008  score 5 
Trans Logic 2

A block-shuffling sequel with some truly fiendish puzzles - all crammed into a 16K machine.

 Frank & Jason added 01/11/2008  score 6 

"If it moves, shoot it. If it doesn't move, shoot it anyway. If it drains your energy, move!"

 Gordon & Frank added 03/10/2008  score 9 
Malaika: Prehistoric Quest

Time to get out there and become a part of prehistory, guiding Malaika through scrolling levels.

 Shaun C. & Andy added 01/09/2008  score 6 

A dimensional bridge needs obliterating and only a blob called Moosh and you can do it!

 Frank & Shaun B. added 01/09/2008  score 7 

Negotiate through the Stronghold, working out how to retrieve the keys and get out safely.

 Andy & Paul added 01/09/2008  score 6 

Here are Oldschool Gaming we like to spend our weekends releasing balloons into caves... oh, look!

 Andy & Jason added 01/08/2008  score 3 
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