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Time-based vertical shooting action - under the sea!

 Jason added 13/06/2010  score 8 

A platform game based on a desperate dash for the lavatory... ooo-kay.

 Jason added 13/06/2010  score 2 
Metal Warrior

I am the God of hellfire and I bring you... heavy metal-themed run and gun action!

 Shaun B. added 13/06/2010  score 7 
Pulse Blade

Take a modern blaster and add some early NES graphics... voila, Pulse Blade!

 Jason added 13/06/2010  score 7 

Isometric 3D puzzle games are a staple diet for Spectrum gamers... here's breakfast!

 Doug added 13/06/2010  score 7 

Somebody set up us the bomb! Or bombs, since this is Bomberman on the Atari 8-bit.

 Dan & Christian added 20/07/2009  score 6 
Blue Star

An impressive attempt to crush a huge game into a very small space on the unexpanded VIC.

 Frank & Andy added 02/02/2009  score 8 
Bomb Jack

Hit the Bomb Jack and don't you come back no more... unless it's on the Atari 8-bit!

 Frank & Jason added 02/02/2009  score 8 
Sub Hunter

Oh we do like to be beside the seaside... or preferably in the seaside, armed with torpedoes!

 Paul & Andy added 01/02/2009  score 8 
Quikman 2008

Wakka wakka wakka. No, not Fozzy Bear; it's time for another bite at the Pac-Man cherry!

 Frank & Gordon added 01/01/2009  score 7 
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