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More arcade-inspired antics as Paul Farrow continues to monkey around with the ZX80.

 Gordon added 20/08/2011  score 7 
Return To Fort Knox

Over 5,000 tons of gold to steal, only defended by... oversized rats?!

 Jason added 20/08/2011  score 7 
Boulder Logic

The delights of Boulder Dash crammed into 16K of ZX81!

 Shaun B. added 20/06/2011  score 9 
Cannon War

War is all fun and games until somebody gets a cannonball in the eye.

 Jason added 20/06/2011  score 4 

Bouncing around like a pinball, avoiding spikes and collecting hearts; Join is simple but is it playable?

 Gordon added 20/06/2011  score 8 

Wakka wakka! Eating dots and being chased by ghosts, all in glorious ASCII.

 Gordon added 20/06/2011  score 7 
Gimme Bright

The Spectrum's unique visuals can be attributed to its colour system... see what we did there?

 Gordon added 17/05/2011  score 7 
Hard Hat Harry

1980s-themed platforming and an excellent excuse for "hard hat" puns!

 Gordon added 17/05/2011  score 6 
Knight 'n' Grail

Your bird has been kidnapped and you're both cursed... time to do something about it!

 Frank added 17/05/2011  score 10 
Krystal Connection

More platforms to negotiate, this time in search of the legendary Power Krystal on Mars.

 Jason added 17/05/2011  score 8 
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