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Some oldschool horizontally scrolling shoot 'em up action for the Atari 8-bits.

 Andy added 26/02/2013  score 8 
Knightmare ZX

No sign of Treguard or the Helmet of Justice here, just some scrolling blasting!

 Jason added 26/02/2013  score 8 
One Little Ghost

In Soviet Russia, Pac-Man chases ghosts - Bob Smith turns Pac-Man on its head.

 Shaun B. added 26/02/2013  score 9 
Metal Dust

Protovision's SuperCPU exclusive, now available for everyone to play via emulation.

 Shaun B & Jason added 27/01/2013  score 8 

Save the brave paratroopers from becoming a shark's lunch!

 Frank added 27/01/2013  score 7 
Patrol in the Space

Take on the duties of an intergalactic patrolman in an uncharted sector of space.

 Jason added 27/01/2013  score 6 
R-Type 128

A 128K remix of Irem's seminal classic, but is it our type of game?

 Jason added 27/01/2013  score 9 

Another implementation of the classic Russian block positioning game.

 Frank added 27/01/2013  score 8 
The Wicked Father

The titular "hero" needs help to avoid being trapped by rising water.

 Frank added 27/01/2013  score 7 
Bable Bable

Bork, bork, bork! An interesting new use for the Swedish language and indeed for belching!

 Jason added 20/08/2011  score 6 
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