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Some fast-paced and colourful puzzling action for the unexpanded VIC.

 Shaun B. & Gordon added 09/08/2006  score 8 

Try to control the bouncing ball to demolish the bricks, one colour at a time.

 Jeff & Jason added 11/03/2006  score 9 
Slarti And Stash Space Saga

A long-winded title, but is Slarti And Stash a refreshing breeze or carrying a foul odour?

 Jason & Jeff added 11/03/2006  score 1 
Pair Logic

A simple but quickly addictive "find the pair" game from MSXdev'05.

 Jeff & Dan added 24/12/2005  score 4 
Spork 64

The spork... not just a multi-purpose eating utensil but a deadly weapon to boot!

 Jason & Scott added 24/12/2005  score 4 
Astro Nell

Matt Simmonds manages to cram a huge Jet Set Willy game into the VIC... without extra RAM!

 Shaun B. & Frank added 23/09/2005  score 8 
Head Over Heels

Excellent looking remake of Ocean's classic isometric arcade adventure.

 Paul & Jeff added 23/09/2005  score 7 
Kralizec Tetris

Every platform needs a good rendition of Tetris, here's one from the MSXdev'04 competition.

 Mark & Paul added 23/09/2005  score 7 
Magical Stones

Nicely rendered box matching and dispatching action from the MSXdev'05.

 Jason & Gordon added 23/09/2005  score 8 

Puzzling action, save the nuclear reactor from destruction by... changing squares?

 Mark & Paul added 23/09/2005  score 8 
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