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Some frantic block-smashing action combined with asteroid fields and boss battles.

 Gordon & Paul added 02/06/2007  score 7 

The Games Exchange... not a shop to trade in your old console games, but a replacement for the FTSE!

 Jason & Frank added 01/05/2007  score 9 
Griel's Quest for the Sangraal

Not an RPG as it first appears, instead this is fiendish forced perspective puzzle game.

 Dan & Jason added 01/05/2007  score 8 
Hexxagon XE

An unusual puzzle game with elements of strategy for one or two players.

 Jeff & Frank added 01/05/2007  score 6 
Ms. Bulimia

So what happens when a Pac person eats too many dots? You might not want to know!

 Gordon & Mark added 01/05/2007  score 6 
Simple Puzzle Game

Here's a Simple Puzzle Game... is there anything more that needs saying?!

 Jason & Mark added 01/05/2007  score 4 
Egghead 4: Egghead Entertains

The return of Jonathan Cauldwell's erstwhile ovoid hero, and this time he's really cookin'!

 Gordon & Dan added 09/08/2006  score 8 

Is the world ready for another variation on Tetris... perhaps it is with new shapes added?

 Jason & Gordon added 09/08/2006  score 7 
Ghost Castles

Who you gonna call when there's supernatural goings on to stop? A magic lamp and a chest!

 Gordon & Paul added 09/08/2006  score 5 

The Thalamus C64 and Spectrum blaster Delta is reborn for the new millennium.

 Dan & Jason added 09/08/2006  score 7 
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