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Out-Space (C64) released :: posted by Jason :: 11 Nov 2011

Jason Tinkler's Out-Space was originally written during the 1990s and polished for release on the Oldschool Gaming stand at Replay last weekend. This new C64 game is a gallery shooter where weird and wonderful enemies arrive on screen in waves to be despatched by the player's craft at the bottom of the play area. Although we were only running a final beta on the stand it proved popular and at one point we even had the legendary Jeff Minter popping by and having a quick blast!

  • External link:   Out-Space at the CSDb

Byte Me (Spectrum) released :: posted by Jason :: 11 Nov 2011

Another release during Replay 2011 was Jonathan Cauldwell's Byte Me, which is part of the Eventureland project (a series of sub-games based on retro events from the last couple of years). The player's robot must shoot down fast food for hungry event-goers, using the conveyor belt to move consumables in the right direction - it's a bit like Diner Dash blended with a single screen blaster!

  • External link:   Byte Me at World of Spectrum

Dingo (Spectrum) released :: posted by Jason :: 11 Nov 2011

Released at Replay over the weekend, Dingo for the Spectrum is a conversion of a 1983 coin-op by A.C.G. (more commonly known to Spectrum fans as Ultimate) where a cute bear must collect fruit and use it as weaponry against the titular dingoes. The developers are Sokurah, who has produced some excellent PC remakes over the years, and former Ocean staffer Mark R. Jones on graphics.

  • External link:   Dingo at World of Spectrum

Retro Invaders (Spectrum) released :: posted by Jason :: 01 Nov 2011

Retro Invaders is a Gyruss-inspired spot of blasting action for the 48K or 128K Spectrum by Climactus, who previously brought us platformer Gimme Bright. The lone craft defending the universe aims into the distance and rotates around the edges of the play area whilst Space Invaders weave around the middle and everything fires at everything else!

  • External link:   Retro Invaders at World of Spectrum

Aahku Al Rescate (ZX81) released :: posted by Jason :: 01 Nov 2011

Kabuto Factory have just released a ZX81 rendition of their Spectrum action game Aahku Al Rescate (which translates as Aahku to the Rescue), where the player has to grab keys to rescue their friends whilst avoiding being captured himself. The page we're linking to is in Spanish, but look for the download link just before the comments start.

  • External link:   Aahku Al Rescate at Kabuto Factory's website
  • News source:  FreshBEEP

Miner Man (ZX81) released :: posted by Jason :: 01 Nov 2011

Miner Man is an Xbox Live Indie game about collecting gems and avoiding boulders... that Bob Smith has just converted to the ZX81! Although it looks a little like Bob's previous game Boulder Logic, the game mechanics have been changed to match the Xbox 360 title, which makes it more of a puzzle game than a Boulder Dash variant.

  • External link:   Miner Man at Bob Smith's website

Trabajo Basura (Spectrum) released :: posted by Jason :: 28 Oct 2011

Amador the programmer is having something of a breakdown, having been dragged across the coals by management he's decided to take revenge on his useless boss whose fault it actually was by collecting evidence after hours. Trabajo Basura (which apparently translates to Dire Job) is a Spectrum platformer from the Mojon Twins.

  • External link:   Trabajo Basura at the Mojon Twins
  • News source:  World of Spectrum

The Last VIC (VIC 20) released :: posted by Jason :: 28 Oct 2011

The Last VIC is a little like a simplified Missile Command, the player controls a gun base on the ground that is used to blast incoming missiles. Each level sees nineteen incoming ICBMs to destroy and there's a time limit as well. The game itself coming in mono and colour flavours, the latter offering joystick support.

  • External link:   The Last VIC at Denial

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