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Westward Ho! (Amstrad CPC) released :: posted by Jason :: 27 Dec 2011

Although it could be confused with a seaside town in Devon, Westward Ho! is in this case an educational game that was released in 1986 and based on the near legendary Oregon Trail. And now the Amstrad CPC has been graced with a conversion, so if you fancy getting attacked by wild animals in your sleep, deciding how many oxen to buy or perhaps dying of pneumonia this is probably the place to look.

  • External link:   Westward Ho! at CPCWiki

RGCD 16K Compo releases :: posted by Jason :: 04 Dec 2011

Ah gawd... we can't cover all of the RGCD 16K cartridge competition's releases one at a time because there's eleven of 'em so here's one post talking about the lot; the releases are Blok Copy (a block shuffling puzzle game), C64anabalt (the other conversion of Canabalt we mentioned previously), Fairy Well (an action collect 'em up with a huge play area), Fortress of Narzod (the Vextrex blaster converted to the C64), Get Em (fast-paced shooty maze action), Jars' Revenge (a conversion of Yar's Revenge), Panic Analogue (paddle-controlled extension of Kaboom!), Rong (a Pong clone), Space Lords (Warlords with beefed up graphics), The Mollusk (bi-directional scrolling with an underwater theme) and Woolly Jumper (a sheep 'em up!).

  • External link:   16K releases at RGCD

Fickle (VIC 20) released :: posted by Jason :: 04 Dec 2011

Fickle for the unexpanded VIC 20 is a one button puzzle game where the titular Fickle must be told if he should react to spinning barriers or not. The game was entered into this year's Minigame competition by Malcolm Tyrrell, the author of MazezaM on the Spectrum.

  • External link:   Fickle at Denial

Unofficial Canabalt (C64) released :: posted by Jason :: 27 Nov 2011

Mr SID, who surprised us a few months back with a stunning version of Apple 2 classic Prince of Persia for the C64, has just released what he's describing as a "quick and dirty" unofficial conversion of Adam Atomic's Canabalt. For those not aware of the original, it's a one button game about survival, with the player leaping from rooftop to rooftop at speed. Please note that we've flagged it as "unofficial" because another Canabalt will be turning up soon!

  • External link:   Canabalt at the CSDb

Slide! (C64) released :: posted by Jason :: 22 Nov 2011

Fans of those little block sliding puzzles that used to come free with cereal should enjoy Slide! - although with forty tiles in need of sorting, this C64 iteration might take a little longer to complete!

  • External link:   Slide at the CSDb

Heroes of Magic (Spectrum) released :: posted by Jason :: 22 Nov 2011

Heroes of Magic is a dungeon crawler for the Spectrum where either a wizard or sorceress must sally forth to recover a mystical staff from the Shadow Wood but avoid being killed during battles with the creatures lurking within.

  • External link:   Heroes of Magic at World of Spectrum
  • News source:  FreshBEEP

ZXoom (Spectrum) released :: posted by Jason :: 22 Nov 2011

Ever fancied playing Doom on a Spectrum? Well, now there's ZXoom from a group of Russian developers! Sadly, none of the emulators here at Oldschool Gaming Towers could run the game (and the Spectrum +2 and DivIDE are still boxed up after staggering home from Replay) so we can't comment on how it plays just yet but will be looking into it.

  • External link:   ZXoom at World of Spectrum
  • News source:  FreshBEEP

Theatre of War 2 (VIC 20) released :: posted by Jason :: 22 Nov 2011

Ghislain's Theatre of War 2: The Pacific is a strategy game where the player becomes a commander in the Imperial Japanese Navy about to take on America at Midway in the summer of 1942. The real battle ended with the Japanese retreating, but with hindsight and an unexpanded VIC 20 it might be possible to win and push onwards.

  • External link:   Theatre of War 2: The Pacific at Denial

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