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The Hobbit (Spectrum) released :: posted by Jason :: 05 Jan 2013

The Hobbit, or to use the full title The Hobbit (Vah-ka's Cut), is, unsurprisingly, a game based on the blockbuster movie of the same name (is there going to be a book as well...?) developed by the Mojon Twins. Bilbo is charged by Gandalf with nicking Smaug's treasure but he'll need to talk to various characters in the area around Smaug's lair and complete a series of tasks including finding Gollum's ring. The Hobbit was originally developed for a Bytemaniacos Hobbit-themed competition.

  • External link:   The Hobbit at World of Spectrum

Amstrad CPC 16K ROM Dev Compo :: posted by Jason :: 02 Jan 2013

We love a good game coding competition here at Oldschool Gaming so were pleased to see one announced for the Amstrad CPC over at the CPCWiki forums (that link aims directly at the relevant thread). Here's a borrowed couple of paragraphs explaining the rules:

"After seeing the success of this kind of competitions in other platforms, we would like to announce the first Amstrad CPC 16KBs ROM Game Development Competition."

"The reasons for the size limit are mainly for opening the compo to more participants. Small games are more probable to get finished than big games. We feel that the focus will be in the playability, originality and making fun games. And a nice feature of the size is that we can fill a gap in the CPC catalog, the lack of "rom games"; there is a lot of romboards these days (Megaflash, Symbiface, ...), but no games. We want to change this and hope, it will help to bring new CPC+ cartridges to the public soon."

Hopefully this'll take off like the ABBUC or RGCD competitions have previously.

  • External link:   Amstrad CPC 16K ROM Dev at CPCWiki

Apulija-13 (Spectrum) released :: posted by Jason :: 02 Jan 2013

Undercover agent Corporal Jonlan has entered the sinister Omni Corporation's base using a false identity and plans to steal their secrets. But now he's inside, things aren't quite as straightforward as he expected and what started as a stealth mission is now more like a survival horror video game!

  • External link:   Apulija-13 at World of Spectrum

Blok Copy - PETSCII Edition (C64) released :: posted by Jason :: 01 Jan 2013

Based on the Commodore PET version of the game and built as part of the process behind the C64DTV2 release, Blok Copy - PETSCII Edition is an action puzzle game for the C64 using PETSCII graphics.

  • External link:   Cosine website

Future Looter (Spectrum) released :: posted by Jason :: 01 Jan 2012

At first glance, Future Looter looks like Cybernoid but it does have a few tricks up its sleeve; some of the screens are more puzzle-oriented than straight out blasting where in-game enemies have to be persuaded to help the player rather than hinder. It's also easier to play than Cybernoid!

  • External link:   Future Looter at World of Spectrum
  • News source:  FreshBEEP

BB4CPC (Amstrad CPC) released :: posted by Jason :: 27 Dec 2011

Amstrad owners had a nice prezzie sat under their trees this year with the release of CNGSoft's eagerly anticipated conversion of Bubble Bobble, or BB4CPC for short. Yes, the CPC has already received one version of Taito's classic coin-op but it wasn't considered to be the best use of the machine so a new adaptation has been produced.

  • External link:   BB4CPC homepage
  • News source:  CPCWiki forum

Streets of Doom (Spectrum) released :: posted by Jason :: 27 Dec 2011

Dare you enter the Streets of Doom? Having escaped the now destroyed Skyscraper of Doom, the next challenge facing our hero is escaping unscathed from the dodgy neighbourhood he finds himself in by solving puzzles and talking to unsavoury characters. Then it's presumably onwards to the Kebab Shop of Doom before catching the Night Bus of Doom home?

  • External link:   Streets of Doom at World of Spectrum

Escape from the Holy Tower (Spectrum) released :: posted by Jason :: 27 Dec 2011

It looks a little simple, but Escape from the Holy Tower is a headache-inducing puzzle game for the Spectrum that is a little reminiscent of Chip's Challenge; there's a quota of crates to be collected on each stage and the puzzle lies in trying to work out which way around to collect them in order to avoid becoming trapped.

  • External link:   Escape from the Holy Tower at World of Spectrum

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