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Invasion Of The Zombie Monsters (Amstrad CPC) released :: posted by Jason :: 24 Mar 2013

We've previously looked at Relevo Games' scrolling zombie-infested game from 2010 on the MSX and Spectrum and now there's a version for the Amstrad CPC as well. As before, Invasion Of The Zombie Monsters is all about completing the stages, defeating bosses and rescuing the girl whilst not being consumed by the living dead.

  • External link:   IotZM at the Revelo Games website
  • News source:  CPCWiki

Down (PET) released :: posted by Jason :: 24 Mar 2013

Get down with the PET... or more accurately Down for the PET from Revivial Studios which began life on the ZX81 last year and has just been ported to Commodore's green screen beast. Run away from baddies by safely falling downwards through the upward-scrolling platforms but don't drop off into oblivion!

  • External link:   Down at Revival Studios' website

New reviews added :: posted by Jason :: 26 Feb 2013

It's update time again and there's three new reviews freshly added; fans of scrolling shoot 'em ups will possibly be wanting to take a peek at both vertical blaster Knightmare ZX on the Spectrum and the more horizontal Callisto for the Atari 8-bits.

And just for a change of pace there's One Little Ghost, Bob Smith's table-turning reworking of the Pac-Man (or more accurately Pac-Mania since it has isometric 3D and scrolling) format for the ZX81.

Asteroids Emulator (C64) released :: posted by Jason :: 26 Feb 2013

Ever fancied playing an arcade perfect port of coin-op classic Asteroids on a Commodore 64? Well, thanks to Norbert Kehler and his Asteroids Emulator you can! It does struggle somewhat because the C64 has to draw all of the vectors rather than relying on hardware, but fingers crossed there are planned revisions which will bolt in support for SuperCPU and Turbo Chameleon equippted C64s. In the meantime there was a very serviceable version for the Atari 8-bits released November last year which has a faster playing speed.

  • External link:   Norbert Kehrer's website

Knights and Demons (Spectrum) released :: posted by Jason :: 26 Feb 2013

Kabuto Factory have recently released a new game called Knights and Demons, which is a Lights Out inspired puzzle game; the objective is to set all the cells on a stage to one state (in this case either knights or demons) to progress to the next.

And, whilst we're listing it as a Spectrum game in this post (partly because the system can't handle multiple format releases), Knights and Demons has actually been released for the Amstrad and MSX as well. The game can be downloaded free or purchased on real media from the Kabuto Factory website.

  • External link:   Knights and Demons at the Kabuto Factory website

Ramiro, El Vampiro (Spectrum) released :: posted by Jason :: 09 Feb 2013

The latest Spectrum game from those Mojon Twins chappies is Ramiro, el Vampiro (or Ramire, the Vampire after translation) which sees the player trying to help 500-year-old Transylvanian Ramiro get back into his own castle having been locked out by his petulant "teenage" vampire daughter for forgetting her death day prezzie.

  • External link:   Ramiro, El Vampiro at the Mojon Twins' website
  • News source:  FreshBEEP

Jim Bagley's ZX81 Racing (ZX81) released :: posted by Jason :: 05 Feb 2013

The title says it all really; Jim Bagley's ZX81 Racing is a racing game, runs on the Sinclair ZX81 and was programmed by Spectrum legend Jim Bagley after a month of investigating the hardware! The game itself is an against the clock race around single screen tracks and potential drivers will need a ZX81 armed with with 16K of RAM and WRX hi-res graphics enabled.

  • External link:   ZX81 Racing announcement at Sinclair ZX World

Diesel Duel (C64) released :: posted by Jason :: 05 Feb 2013

Diesel Duel is a two player only game for the C64 where diesel engines duke it out; it's very simple and, sadly, has to be played by two players since there's no AI, but there's a few nice touches like the way the background is dirtied by collisions between the two engines.

  • External link:   Diesel Duel at the CSDb

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