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Ladybug (PET) released :: posted by Jason :: 24 Apr 2013

Released for the PET by Mr Nop (who also wrote Oil's Well), Ladybug is an implementation of the coin-op game of the same name. That means collecting items using the rotating doors to aid in avoiding nasties.

  • External link:   Ladybug (download) at Oldschool Gaming
  • News source:  Format War forums

New reviews added :: posted by Jason :: 02 Apr 2013

Just a quick update to put three more reviews online; for the shoot 'em up fans out there we're looking at some fifteen metre high battle robots in Mecha 8 on the MSX and there's a spot of time-based blasting courtesy of Paul Kooistra's Dead on Time for the Amstrad CPC. And speaking of Amstrad hardware, fans at the more masochistic end of the platforming action scale might want a peek at Rick Dangerous 128+, which adds improved graphics and the screens that were missing from the original CPC version.

Pix (Amstrad CPC) released :: posted by Jason :: 30 Mar 2013

Pix is CPCWiki forumite EgoTrip's go at producing a Nonogram-style puzzle game on the Amstrad CPC. For those who haven't previously played Picross or any other implementation of the idea, it's sort of like a cross between doing the crossword and using a character editor!

  • External link:   Pix at the CPCWiki forums

Gem Chaser (Spectrum) released :: posted by Jason :: 24 Mar 2013

Gem Chaser has recently been released via the Xbox 360 indie service by developers Electric Wolf and there's already a Spectrum conversion available from Bob Smith. The game is all about collecting diamonds of a matching colour before changing that colour and going back for more.

  • External link:   Gem Chaser at Bob Smith's website

Toofy's Winter Nuts (Spectrum) released :: posted by Jason :: 24 Mar 2013

Paul Jenkinson has just put out a new platformer developed with Jonathan Cauldwell's Arcade Game Designer. Toofy's Winter Nuts (fnarr, fnarr) is, ironically considering the current layer of snow around Oldschool Gaming towers, about Toofy collecting nuts in order to survive the upcoming winter.

  • External link:   Toofy's Winter Nuts at the WOS forums

Asteroids Emulator (C264) released :: posted by Jason :: 24 Mar 2013

That nice Norbert Kehrer has been busy working on his amazing Asteroids Emulator again and, along with some improvements to the C64 version including C128 2MHz support and a few optimisations, he's also released a spanking new port to the Plus/4 that takes advantage of the extra CPU grunt there.

  • External link:   Norbert Kehrer's website
  • News source:  Plus/4 World

Tetwels (VIC 20) released :: posted by Jason :: 24 Mar 2013

What do you get if you cross Tetris with Jewels? A twist on the Columns style three-of-a-kind gameplay in BASIC for the unexpanded machine or an 8K compiled version for a little more speed.

  • External link:   Tetwels at the Denial forums

Murder on the Atlantic (Oric) released :: posted by Jason :: 24 Mar 2013

Murder on the Atlantic is a conversion of Cobra Soft's multi-platform whodunit game set aboard a 1930s liner where forty potential suspects and hundreds of locations have to be visited. Along with the game itself, the documentation includes mystery objects (which were physical items with the original game) which must be examined in order to solve the mystery.

  • External link:   Murder on the Atlantic at Oric 30 Years

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