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NeoPong (MSX) released :: posted by Jason :: 20 Jun 2010

The first entry for the MSXdev '10 has been posted to the site; NeoPong is, unsurprisingly, a Pong variant put together by Z80ST Software and released at the 37th Reunion de Usuarios meeting in Barcelona, held on the 19th of June 2010.

  • External link:   NeoPong at MSXdev '10

Trooper: Point 5 (Spectrum) released :: posted by Jason :: 19 Jun 2010

New Spectrum release Trooper: Point 5 from almost equally new development team The Bog Brothers (perhaps they're related to the Mojon Twins?) is a little like playing the Ultimate classic Jetpac but without the mega laser weapon and having to worry about assembling and fuelling up the rocket - guide the little Trooper around, blow anything moving into little pieces and grab a quota of bonus items as they fall from the heavens to skip through the waves and then areas. Since it's a shoot 'em up, we heartily approve here at Oldschool Gaming!

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New reviews added :: posted by Jason :: 13 Jun 2010
There have been a rather massive eight new reviews added during this first update since the relaunch! For the Spectrum there's a spot of isometric 3D puzzling with W*H*B and coin-op inspired agricultural action from Farmer Jack and the Hedge Monkeys. There's a more mixed bag on the C64, at the top end of the scale is the run and gun goodness of the first Metal Warrior which we really should have covered years ago, whilst at the bottom is platformer Manky...

And finally, we've got a brand new indie section for reviews of games on current generation hardware that aren't remakes but do share a philosophy with 8- and 16-bit titles - to get things rolling, there are four shoot 'em ups reviewed, in particular Eden's Aegis, Irukandji, the retro themed Pulse Blade and the excellent Genetos. Enjoy!

MiniGame 2010 :: posted by Jason :: 08 Jun 2010

Although the "official" MiniGame Competition website has been in transition for quite a while, regular contributor Dr Beep has taken it upon himself to organise things for 2010. There's a bit of staggering on the closing dates; 1K entries should be submitted by 31st August, 2K need to arrive by 31st October and the cut-off for 4K entries is 30th November.

For readers who haven't previously heard about it, the MiniGame Competition is an annual gig where programmers try to squidge working games into as small an initial memory footprint as possible. As games go the results tend to be a little variable on the playability front, but there have been a few cracking games released in previous years such as Venus Express on the C64 or the double entendre laden Spectrum title Big Baps.

  • External link:   MiniGame website
  • News source:  World of Spectrum forums

King Of Pong (Spectrum) released :: posted by Jason :: 05 Jun 2010

King Of Pong is a harrowing morality tale of past sins and exposed wounds... I jest of course, because it's a Pong clone for the 48K Spectrum but at least a well executed and presented Pong clone with some rather splendid backgrounds for a couple of players to thwack a ball back and forth over and power-ups to make things a bit more interesting.

Reading the thread at WOS is highly recommended to get the best results (the ball is rendered using a "time sharing" technique, some emulator settings can reduce that) and there are apparently MSX and Amstrad CPC ports on the way as well.

  • External link:   World of Spectrum
  • News source:  World of Spectrum forums

The moment has been prepared for :: posted by Jason :: 04 Jun 2010

Yes, the last flickers of regenerative energy are still arcing around the templates of the fourth incarnation of Oldschool Gaming, but after a hiatus it's now up and running. There are bound to be a few teething problems for a couple of weeks and a few bits and pieces are currently missing because they aren't yet integrated into the new layout, but everything will be fully operational soon and plans are already afoot to expand the range of platforms that OSG covers. And with that expansion in mind...

Yes indeed, with the new look comes a drive to get more people writing reviews for the site; please get in touch through the forums if you'd be interested in contributing reviews or articles.

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