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Morph (C64) released :: posted by Jason :: 07 Aug 2010

The game Morph doesn't have anything to do with a certain Plasticine character; instead it's a C64 conversion of the Amiga public domain puzzle game Polymorph. The player guides a happy face around and must push together coloured balls into groups in order to make them disappear and it's of course a lot harder to play than it might sound with groups of three objects needing to be made just a couple of levels in and a tight time limit on each stage to boot.

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Zombie Calavera Prologue (Spectrum) released :: posted by Jason :: 29 Jul 2010

And we were getting worried because they were quiet... yes, there is another new Mojon Twins game girls and boys! Zombie Calavera Prologue might well be another platformer but it does at least have a different look for an 8-bit game, since everything has been rendered in moody art game silhouette with just a few spots of light here and there to prevent it all being black on blue. It looks striking but... well it might just be me, but is anyone else feeling distinctly "zombied out" at the moment?

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Cheril Perils (Spectrum) released :: posted by Jason :: 23 Jul 2010

There's a new Mojon Twins game for the Spectrum (and thank goodness for that, we were all starting to get worried because they hadn't released anything recently!) and it probably won't come as a surprise that it's a platformer; Cheril Perils sees the titular lead character trapped in a town which, due to a failed experiment involving a virus that makes people beautiful and the previous contents of a tanker truck, infested with zombies.

Cheril's only chance for escape is going to do a Shaun of the Dead and wipe out the former townsfolk because killing sixty brain-eating creatures of the night will prompt the local authorities to move the boulders blocking the gate in the city walls. And stop staring at me like that, I don't make this stuff up y'know!

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Stormlord (Oric) released :: posted by Jason :: 18 Jul 2010

Blimey, Jonathan Bristow (or Twilighte as he's known amongst Oric fans) has been quiet for some time... and then he goes and drops a nuclear bombshell like an Oric conversion of the Spectrum classic Stormlord on us from absolutely nowhere! It's not exactly the same as the other versions since it's flick screen rather than scrolling, but the graphics look rather gorgeous and colourful, the sound is impressive and Oldschool Gaming will just have to give it a serious looking at very soon - and that's absolutely nothing to do with the nekkid faeries, okay?!

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Invasion Of The Zombie Monsters (Spectrum) released :: posted by Jason :: 17 Jul 2010

Relevo Games, makers of the rather spiffing platformer British Bob, have just released another platform game - this one is Invasion Of The Zombie Monsters, so no prizes for guessing what the villains of the piece are whilst the action is more than a little reminiscent of a certain Capcom game with some Ghosts and Goblins in it. The damned souls of the zombie hordes are available in both MSX and Spectrum incarnations which is nice, and a preview video can be looked at at the YouTubes.

  • External link:   Revelo Games website

Sir Abadol (Spectrum) released :: posted by Jason :: 08 Jul 2010

Sir Ababol is an eleventh century warrior who, whilst embroiled in the kind of world-encompassing quests that such warriors seem to find themselves on, has lost his sword. To get it back he needs to collect a quota of flowers and chicken legs to keep his strength up... yeah, typical game scenario really. Anyway, this is a new Mojon Twins title after a small hiatus, so it's A) a platform game with colourful graphics and B) nice to see 'em back again

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Three new BASIC games (C64) released :: posted by Jason :: 04 Jul 2010

C64 releases are like buses at the moment, you wait for a while and then three turn up at once! All of the three were entries into a BASIC game programming competition held at German site Forum 64; Scavenger is a spot of space-bound gallery shooting whilst Dungeon Explorer and Penultimate Fantasy lean towards role playing - the voting put Scavenger in the top slot (which was a little surprising since action games in Commodore BASIC don't usually have much in the way of action) but the two RPG titles seem to have fared well as games and could be even better if compiled or ported to a faster high level language.

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New reviews added :: posted by Jason :: 27 Jun 2010

More new reviews and this update appears to have a platform gaming theme to it! We've got a spiffing chap called British Bob for the MSX, whilst Spectrum character Uwol (star of UWOL: Quest For Money) is rather more morally dubious since he needs help with robbing a house.

Leaving Earth and heading to other worlds, there's a mad dash on the C64 to Escape From Arth before the titular planet is pulverised by an exploding sun and Adventures in Time for the Plus/4 goes even further from the beaten track, heading out into the temporal vortex no less.

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