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Magic Tokens (Spectrum) released :: posted by Jason :: 22 Aug 2010

Released as part of the 2010 Your Game competition, Magic Tokens is a match three game for the Spectrum with similarities to Bejewelled Blitz; the objective is to collect a specified number of special gems by removing them from the playfield whilst simultaneously trying not to rip all of your own hair out in frustration when the rather strict time limit expires!

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Safecracker (Spectrum) released :: posted by Jason :: 21 Aug 2010

Safecracker for the Spectrum is a puzzle game - in fact it offers three different puzzles in one, all of which have to be solved in order to... erm, crack the safe. The programmer reckons that there's not a lot of longevity once it's been completed, but getting that far should prove fairly amusing and it at least look and sound decent.

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UWOL: Quest For Money (C64) released :: posted by Jason :: 19 Aug 2010

We've already covered its original Spectrum incarnation and there's a rather snazzy Megadrive version out there too, but now the Mojon Twins' well-received action platformer UWOL: Quest For Money has just been released on the Commodore 64. If memory serves, this is the first Mojon Twins title to leap from platform to platform in this particular direction (did you see what we did there?) so that's news in itself, and what we've seen so far is certainly promising so, since the original scored a nine when Gordon had a look at it a couple of updates ago, we'll have to take a squint at some point soon.

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Pillow Fight (VIC 20) released :: posted by Jason :: 19 Aug 2010

Jeff Daniels' Pillow Fight is a collecting game with some quirks; once the player starts moving they can't stop even if a wall gets in the way and, unless the border colour is red or blue to match an object, it can't be collected.

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Nelo And Quqo (Spectrum) released :: posted by Jason :: 18 Aug 2010

There's a new platformer for the Spectrum from Retroworks called Nelo And Quqo - The Last Butifarreison (the last what...?!) which has cartoon-styled graphics and a bizarre storyline involving Nelo's quest to rescue his friend Quqo from jail after a botched bank robbery and dodge the rozzers in the process... but first he needs to head down to the basement to locate a tool to repair the telly. Well that's fair enough I suppose, everybody loves telly!

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New reviews added :: posted by Jason :: 15 Aug 2010

It's Oldschool Gaming update time once more and there are zombies and spaceships - sounds like a party! The zombies come in the form of the slightly long-winded Invasion Of The Zombie Monsters by Relevo Videogames (the developers of British Bob for the MSX) and they're spread evenly over the Spectrum and MSX... but it's far less dubious than it might sound, it's just the same game on two machines really!

As for the spaceships, they're both horizontally scrolling and extremely indie; Ifrit is a quite literally small but nicely formed bit of Japanese blasting that'll be celebrating its seventh birthday soon, whilst 2010 release Hydorah is a Spanish behemoth that has been trying to trace its ancestry back to the coin-ops of the 1980's.

Thinking about it, the indie section could possibly do with some games that aren't shoot 'em ups!

Halo (Atari 2600) released(!) :: posted by Jason :: 10 Aug 2010

Okay, so here's something I never expected to add to the news... those with long memories might remember the April Fools video on the interwebs where one of the developers of Duke Nukem Forever claimed to have a working 2600 cartridge version of the game, developer Ed Fries has taken things one step further with Halo 2600. And yes, it really is a functioning 2600 game! The link below will take you to a Java-based emulator but the news source is a thread at Atari Age where the ROM is available to download and Fries himself gives a little more insight into the project.

  • External link:   Halo 2600 official page
  • News source:  Atari Age forum post

Snake On A Plane (C64) released :: posted by Jason :: 07 Aug 2010

We don't want no snakes on no plane... which is fine, because the titular reptile in Snake On A Plane hasn't actually got onto the plane, he just wants to catch his connecting flight and apparently needs to eat the luggage of already-boarded passengers to build up his energy reserves beforehand. Look, it's a variation on Snake with some silly "movie tie-in" and Icelandic volcano references, okay?!

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