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Horace in the Mystic Woods (Spectrum) released :: posted by Jason :: 24 Sep 2010

Spectrum users rejoice, because Horace is back! Yes, the loveable... erm, fellow (what is Horace exactly...?) has returned to his roots because Bob Smith, armed with the original Psion Series 3 source code and graphics courtesy of Proteus Developments (for 8-bit fans who find that name familiar, they wrote Warhawk for the C64 and the more recent Warhawk DS) has converted Horace in the Mystic Woods, returning it to what he describes as Horace's spiritual home.

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Ratbox (MSX) released :: posted by Jason :: 19 Sep 2010

The third entry into this year's MSXdev competition is Ratbox by regular contributor Andrea Gasparinni. For this game, the player is a cute likkle rat who traverses a maze and collects coins, with the option of grabbing bananas as a bonus (coins and bananas... for a rat?) whilst avoiding traps and enemies.

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Balls To The Walls (VIC 20) released :: posted by Jason :: 16 Sep 2010

Blackberry owners will probably find this one a little familiar because expanded VIC 20 game Balls To The Walls takes a lot of cues from BrickBreaker. The action takes various cues from Breakout and Arkanoid and offers up thirty four screens to play through; there are power-ups occasionally dropped by destroyed bricks and if too much time is spent on a level the walls begin to move downwards menacingly when the ball hits the bat! The file can be directly downloaded from here.

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1337 (Oric) released :: posted by Jason :: 10 Sep 2010

Some very big news for the Oric fans out there, 1337 is now available to download - and for those who haven't been anxiously awaiting it, 1337 is based on David Braben and Ian Bell's classic Elite (for the uninitiated, "1337" means "leet" in leetspeak) and therefore appears to be an engrossing mixture of space-bound dog fighting and resource trading. But rather than being a direct port of the BBC game, 1337 has been coded from the ground upwards and incorporates new features, some offered by the beta testers over at the Defence Force forums.

  • External link:   1337 website
  • News source:  Retro Gamer forum

Little 15 (Atari 8-bit) released :: posted by Jason :: 05 Sep 2010

Here's a cute little release to discover of a Sunday afternoon, Little 15 is a picture shuffler which starts off with one of four images before jiggling the fifteen tiles that build that image up around. Yes, it's one of those picture shuffling games like Simple Puzzle Game on the Plus/4 but the graphics are well thought out and the pictures can be swapped after shuffling as long as the game itself hasn't been started.

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QBIQS (MSX) released :: posted by Jason :: 01 Sep 2010

The second MSXdev entry for 2010 was made available for download yesterday; it's from Z80ST Software, called QBIQS and is a clone of the fun but relatively obscure Konami action puzzle coin-op Quarth, so essentially the love child of a shoot 'em up and Tetris where blocks are shot up the well into the mass of shapes that slowly trundle downwards. This was actually a cancelled entry in the 2008 competition, so it's good to see it finally released.

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Bionik Granny Returns (C64) released :: posted by Jason :: 22 Aug 2010

She's back... and this time it's even more personal than before! Anybody who has played the original C64 budget "classic" Bionic Granny (developed by the little Darlings who went on to found Codemasters) will find the action in the new Richard Bayliss game Bionik Granny Returns familiar, but the titular cybernetic biddie's wrath is no longer limited to mercilessly beating school children as they head for home and she takes on the crowds at the supermarket, park and even the local bingo hall with her trusty walking stick as she struggles through the world at large to collect her pension.

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Maziacs (C264) released :: posted by Jason :: 22 Aug 2010

Goodness, what a busy time for new releases! Maziacs on the Plus/4 and indeed other 64K 264 series machines is a conversion of the Don Priestley Spectrum game of the same name (and presumably the code of the C64 version was involved in the conversion process) where a brave adventurer must grab all the gold they can from within a twisting, evil-infested maze.

  • External link:   Plus/4 World

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