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Break-Out! (VIC 20) released :: posted by Jason :: 14 Oct 2010

VIC 20 programming machine Robert Hurst has been busy once more, spending a surprisingly short ten hours knocking together a brand new arcade-inspired game. The interestingly punctuated Break-Out! is, rather unsurprisingly, a clone of Atari's Breakout - it requires an 8K expanded VIC and will allow one or two players to either share a joystick or use a paddle each to batter a brightly-coloured wall.

  • External link:   Denial thread

Pac-Man competition :: posted by Jason :: 14 Oct 2010

Since Pac-Man has reached his thirtieth birthday, the organisers of Retromania are having a couple of programming competitions themed around the yellow chap with a voracious appetite, one on the go at the moment, the other to be held live at the event itself. There are no limitations on platform or number of people contributing to a team effort, but those entering must submit their entries by 9am on the 8th of November and are asked to contribute work-in-progress versions along with the final entry.

  • External link:   English PDF of the rules
  • News source:  World of Spectrum forums

Lala Prologue (Amstrad CPC) released :: posted by Jason :: 12 Oct 2010

Well, had there been any water in this game I'd have called it part of a flood of CPC releases... but there isn't, so I can't. The game is Lala Prologue and, as with Cheril Of The Bosque which was mentioned a few days back, this is a Mojon Twins game that was originally released on the Spectrum. Lala is a novice witch who has accidentally let all the spells escape and must now, with the player's help, scour the spooky grounds of the Great Witch Academy to recover them.

  • External link:   The Mojon Twins

Blue Angel 69 (Amstrad CPC) released :: posted by Jason :: 10 Oct 2010

That nice Kevin Thacker chap has been working on a new CPC game; Blue Angel 69 is a one player against the computer or two player puzzle game where scoring is based on which numbered tile the player removes from the board and the strategy is all about keeping their opponent away from the higher scoring options. That means it's somewhat difficult to explain succinctly in a single paragraph news item, but we can at least mention that it also has some sexy robots in it!

  • External link:   Blue Angel 69 website
  • News source:  CPC Wiki forums

Cheril Of The Bosque (Amstrad CPC) released :: posted by Jason :: 10 Oct 2010

The Mojon Twins' Cheril Of The Bosque is now available in Amstrad CPC flavouring and, although there is an obvious change in that the graphics have been redrawn to take advantage of mode 0 on the CPC, the story (which revolves around the titular Cheril collecting supplies of giant nuts for the journey to the big city where she wants to start a new life that doesn't involve killing panthers with her teeth, skimpy animal fur outfits or a diet consisting mostly of cucumbers) and gameplay are still intact.

  • External link:   The Mojon Twins

Minestorm (C64) released :: posted by Jason :: 04 Oct 2010

Minestorm is the game that lived within the ROMs of every single Vectrex console, it's a vector-based arena shoot 'em up where the player's ship is surrounded by randomly spawning shapes which attack it - think Geometry Wars without the glowing lines or indeed colours since the original and this conversion to the C64 are both white on black. C64 fans should check the entire CSDb entry for the X'2000 event where Minestorm was released, because there are many excellent releases including a couple of impressive game previews.

  • External link:   CSDb entry

New reviews added :: posted by Jason :: 26 Sep 2010

Yes, we have no bananas... but do have three new reviews of Halo 2600 which is rather obviously for the Atari 2600 but less obviously a 2D action game, the recent Oric version of platform-based shooter Stormlord and (as "promised" during the news post about the last update back in August) the latest addition to the indie reviews isn't a shoot 'em up, instead we're having a look at a puzzle game called Connection Road that sort of plays like Sokoban but actually isn't.

Oddi The Viking (Spectrum) released :: posted by Jason :: 26 Sep 2010

And after the release of a new Horace game, now there's news of a new isometric 3D title as well - we're really working through the Spectrum mainstays this week! Although looking like an action title in screenshots, Oddi The Viking is actually a puzzle game where the objective is simply to get to the exit of each room and the puzzles revolve around how to achieve this without being caught and that isn't as easy as it might sound...

  • External link:   WOS entry
  • News source:  speccynews on Twitter

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