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First World Problems (Spectrum) released :: posted by Jason :: 08 Sep 2014

So you've ordered the very latest Jphone but the postal service have stuffed things up and you need to collect it from the sorting office. That sounds like First World Problems which also happens to be the name of a new platformer on the Spectrum released for the second Speccy Jam.

  • External link:   First World Problems at WOS

Jupiter Sumo (Atari 2600) released :: posted by Jason :: 07 Sep 2014

Two players with Jupiter Lander-style craft must do battle in the future sport Jupiter Sumo where bumping an opponent into a landscape feature will take one of their lives.

Jupiter Sumo on the Atari 2600

  • External link:   Jupiter Sumo at Pouet

Temple Of Terror (Plus/4) released :: posted by Jason :: 07 Sep 2014

Temple Of Terror is a text adventure with graphics which was released for a number of 8-bits. The C64 version has recently been ported to the Plus/4 by Csabo with some major bug fixes and upgrades along the way.

Temple Of Terror on the Plus/4

  • External link:   Temple Of Terror at Plus/4 World

X=Y=Z (Spectrum) released :: posted by Jason :: 02 Sep 2014

Bob Smith has been busy once more, this time releasing a sequel to his isometric Spectrum puzzler W*H*B which is called X=Y=Z. The idea is to use commands left on the landscape to guide a cube that rolls from cell to cell towards the exit.

X=Y=Z for the Spectrum

  • External link:   Bob Smith's website
  • News source:  World Of Spectrum forums

Godkiller (Spectrum) released :: posted by Jason :: 21 Aug 2014

Next on "When Gods Go Bad"... Godkiller for the Spectrum is a game about finding and destroying the deity who has killed your wife. There's an English translation on the way.

Godkiller on the Spectrum

  • External link:   Godkiller at the WOS forums

UMMO (Amstrad PCW) released :: posted by Jason :: 14 Aug 2014

Here's something we've not covered previously at Oldschool Gaming, a new game for the Amstrad PCW; UMMO is a no-nonsense and challenging space bound gallery shoot 'em up with power-ups.

  • External link:   UMMO at Floppy Software
  • News source:  CPCWiki forums

Zombi Terror (Spectrum) released :: posted by Jason :: 14 Aug 2014

Described by the developers as a homage to zombie video nasties, Zombi Terror is a graphical adventure game with a combat system and, unsurprisingly, zombies which comes with an optional audio track that can be played in the background. There are also versions available for Windows and the Megadrive with more to follow.

Edit on 07/08/2014: the Kabuto Factory website appears to be down right now, in the meantime this game can be downloaded from this location - the file is just the English version of the game and manual for now.

  • External link:   Zombi Terror at the Kabuto Factory website
  • News source:  World Of Spectrum forums

Burnin' Pen '64 (C64) released :: posted by Jason :: 12 Aug 2014

Released at Evoke 2014, DaCapo's Burnin' Pen '64 is an action game for the C64 that requires a light pen to doodle on the screen with.

Burnin' Pen '64 for the C64

  • External link:   Burnin' Pen '64 at the CSDb

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