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Gimme Bright (Spectrum) released :: posted by Jason :: 21 Feb 2011

We've got another shiny, new and quite difficult Spectrum platformer today; the game is called Gimme Bright and the objective is to re-colour all the platforms in a multi-screen level without getting captured by the roaming surreal enemies including ghosts and roast chickens.

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Sub Hunter (Amstrad CPC) released :: posted by Jason :: 16 Feb 2011

Paul Kooistra, the king of Amstrad shoot 'em ups, is back and this time he's only gone and converted Psytronik's Sub Hunter, originally developed for the C64 by Richard Bayliss and Frank Gasking, to the CPC. The game is available to download right now from the Psytronik website and boxed versions on tape and disc in some fantastic-looking boxes can be purchased from their shop.

  • External link:   Sub Hunter at Psytronik

Lady Kakerlak (C64) released :: posted by Jason :: 12 Feb 2011

Lady Kakerlak is a straight out C64 clone of the 1981 Universal coin-op Lady Bug, a single screen game about collecting dots within a maze, working around static skulls and avoiding fatal collisions with other insects by either passing through or hiding behind the rotating walls. Apparently the word "kakerlak" means "cockroach" in German according to Google's language tools.

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Heroes Arena (MSX) released :: posted by Jason :: 01 Feb 2011

The eighth and final release for the MSXdev 2010 which arrived the day before the competition deadline is Heroes Arena, a character-driven Pong variant for one to eight human players which sees cute renditions of famous MSX characters such as Pentaro, Snake and Vic Viper pitted against each other in ball-bouncing combat whilst simultaneously defending a row of "capsules" in their own half of the screen.

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Dysc I Sikawica (Atari 8-bit) released :: posted by Jason :: 01 Feb 2011

Dysc I Sikawica for the Atari 8-bits is a shoot 'em up that pits a ball of player-operated fire against falling water that slowly collects at the bottom of the play area to form a monster. It was written over a 48 hour period for the Global Game Jam 2011 (according to the entry page, an extended version where the water monster can attack the player is already planned) and player control is rather unusually handled by either an Atari CX77 touch tablet or a light pen.

  • External link:   Global Game Jam entry
  • News source:  Atari Age

Zombie Near (MSX) released :: posted by Jason :: 29 Jan 2011

Here comes yet another zombie horde shuffling and groaning towards our screens, this time infecting the MSX just before the MSXdev 2010 deadline; looking and feeling a bit like a trigger happy version of Metal Gear, Oscar Toledo Gutierrez's Zombie Near is a slightly familiar trek through a large maze-like building of infected laboratories, rescuing survivors and collecting life-restoring energy packs along the way.

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Utter Tripe (Spectrum) released :: posted by Jason :: 22 Jan 2011

Jonathan Cauldwell has been teasing people about his latest release Utter Tripe on various forums including ours at Oldschool Gaming for a while and the result is possibly what would happen if Typing of the Dead and Wario Ware were ever to breed. In other words (oh dear, please excuse the pun) it contains lots of typing-based mini games where words need to be entered accurately and at speed to succeed.

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Space Trip (C64) released :: posted by Jason :: 22 Jan 2011

Space Trip by Achim Volkers is a space-bound platform shoot 'em up with a little scrolling for good measure; play the heroic Steve Zappa (who is presumably a distant relative of Frank) as he cleans house aboard a series of spacecraft before teleporting on to the next.

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