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Hora Bruja (Amstrad CPC) released :: posted by Jason :: 17 Apr 2011

Amstrad CPC owners who like their platforming action in mode 1 should consider having a squint at Hora Bruja by ESP Soft; it looks decent from the quick test play it was given earlier this evening, although there were quite a few expletives being bandied around Oldschool Gaming towers as well so less... masochistic players might want to approach with caution.

  • External link:   Hora Bruja at ESP Soft
  • News source:  CPC Wiki forums

Mashed Turtles (Atari 8-bit) released :: posted by Jason :: 16 Apr 2011

One of the problems with coin-op classic Frogger is that there simply aren't enough players traversing the motorway - at least, that's how the developers of Atari 8-bit action game Mashed Turtles felt about it and their rendition of Sega's game allows for eight non-mutated and distinctly un-ninjaish shell wearing reptiles to compete simultaneously.

As a quick aside, the presentation is pretty solid throughout and it gets a couple of extra Oldschool Gaming Brownie points for the cover of the Rave module from Gremlin's Zool that's used during the various presentation screens.

  • External link:   Mashed Turtles
  • News source:  Atari Age forums

Cray 5 (Spectrum) released :: posted by Jason :: 16 Apr 2011

Cray 5 for the Spectrum is a sequel to the late Seymour Cray's successful Cray 3 and incomplete design for the Cray 4.... just kidding, it's a very colourful platform-based shoot 'em up from those lovely people at Retroworks based on the Amstrad CPC game of the same name released by Spanish developers Topo Soft way back in 1987.

  • External link:   Cray 5 at Retroworks

Join (Spectrum) released :: posted by Jason :: 10 Apr 2011

We're not sure where the name comes from, but Join is a fun little platformer for the Spectrum; the player controls the horizontal movement of a smiley face that constantly bounces up and down and must lead it to the hearts scattered around the play area, avoiding spikes in the process.

  • External link:   Join at World of Spectrum
  • News source:  World of Spectrum forums

Minigame 2011 launched :: posted by Jason :: 27 Mar 2011

After a slightly shaky start, the 2011 Minigame competition is now under way with a first entry called Wiwo Dido (for the Spectrum) submitted and published on the new website. Organised by Dr. Beep, the competition has, as with previous instalments, been divided into 1K, 2K and 4K categories with the closing date for submissions being the last day of August, October and November 2011 respectively.

  • External link:   Minigame 2011 website
  • News source:  World of Spectrum forums

Hard Hat Harry (BBC Micro) released :: posted by Jason :: 27 Mar 2011

The BBC Micro has fared splendidly for new games lately and Hard Hat Harry is another floppy disk to add to that pile; this platform action game was developed by coding dervish Tom Walker (one of the programmers behind Repton: The Lost Realms) who set out specifically to produce a game that would resemble titles released around 1983 even down to the "terrible programmer graphics".

  • External link:   Hard Hat Harry at Retro Software

Hyper Viper (BBC Micro) released :: posted by Jason :: 27 Mar 2011

Kenton Price's Hyper Viper is, if the name wasn't enough of a give-away to you seasoned gamers, an implementation of the perennial Snake, this time for the BBC Micro. It's accompanied by a one channel rendition of The Trumpet Hornpipe (probably better known to readers as the theme to Captain Pugwash).

  • External link:   Hyper Viper at Retro Software

The Wicked Father (Atari 2600) released :: posted by Jason :: 08 Mar 2011

The Wicked Father is an evil man; having locked his family in the basement and turned the water on, he now requires the player's help to escape from the rapidly flooding building in order to put in a juicy insurance claim! That's something that would never happen here at Oldschool Gaming towers of course... we don't have a basement.

  • External link:   The Wicked Father Facebook page

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