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Jim Slim (C64) released :: posted by Jason :: 05 May 2011

The titular hero of C64 platformer The Adventures of Jim Slim in Dragonland is a spherical chap with a happy face, but he's been charged with rescuing the love of his life and that means finding a magical skull. Jim can roll, jump or bounce his way around the brightly coloured levels, collect colour-coded keys to open doors and avoid hazards.

This game uses a technique called AGSP for it's extremely colourful, high-speed scrolling and that won't necessarily work on every C64 out there, so give the downloadable previews a go on your real C64 before considering a purchase.

  • External link:   Adventures of Jim Slim in Dragonland at Protovision

Clone (C264) released :: posted by Jason :: 30 Apr 2011

Skoro of The Assassins has just released a new action puzzle game for the Commodore Plus/4, a conversion of CP Verlag's Clone from the C64. Players must click on the tiles in the left hand playfield to make them change colour, with the objective being to match the pattern with the tiles to the right.

  • External link:   Clone at Plus/4 World

Arquimedes XXI (Amstrad CPC) released :: posted by Jason :: 30 Apr 2011

Arquimedes XXI was originally published by Spanish developers Dinamic in 1986 for the Spectrum and MSX. A quarter of a century later and the Amstrad CPC has finally received a port courtesy of ESP Soft and it's available with English, French and of course Spanish text too!

  • External link:   Arquimedes XXI at ESP Soft
  • News source:  CPC Wiki forums

Cropky (Atari 8-bit) released :: posted by Jason :: 27 Apr 2011

Released to celebrate the seventh anniversary of Atari website Atarionline, Cropky is a one or two player puzzle game which, judging by the presentation graphics, was presumably based on a paper-and-pencil game. It bears some similarities to Nim but with an extra dimension to make things significantly more complicated and indeed difficult and the computer player is good at its job.

  • External link:   Atarionline download page
  • News source:  Atari Age forums

S.W.D.N.K. (C64) released :: posted by Jason :: 27 Apr 2011

We're pretty sure that the nine by nine cell number placement puzzle from Japan that has been the basis of nightmares for newspaper readers over the last half a decade doesn't need any real introduction and, despite the long-winded title, Suuji Wa Dokushin Ni Kagiru is another implementation of Sudoku for the C64. Anybody who loses sleep over trying to get the digits one to nine into rows and columns should probably approach with caution.

  • External link:   Falcon Soft website
  • News source:  CSDb

Smiley Grrr Oooh (C64) released :: posted by Jason :: 27 Apr 2011

Smiley Grrr Oooh on the C64 is a two player game featuring smiley faces... but I couldn't figure out how to actually play the thing - if anyone works it out, please post to the Oldschool Gaming forums explaining what to do!

  • External link:   Smiley Grrr Oooh at CSDb

Replay 2011 tickets on sale :: posted by Jason :: 17 Apr 2011

The best retro gaming event in the UK is back for 2011, tickets for Replay have gone on sale at the website. The first event, which was early November 2010, was excellent, with huge names such as Sony, Sega and Nintendo bringing friends like Sumo Digital along to play as well and, off in one corner room, were indie developers Ovine By Design and the almost legendary Jeff Minter demonstrating the then not-quite-finished iOs blaster Minotaur Rescue.

And, because the adorable, fluffy bunnies who organise Replay had a bit of a lapse and asked a certain long-haired wazzock with the organisational skills of a goldfish in a plastic bag to put together something to showcase homebrew gaming, there's going to be an Oldschool Gaming presence at Replay 2011! For any coders wanting to contribute there's more information in this thread over at the Oldschool Gaming forums.

  • External link:   Replay Expo website

Chessboard Attack (Spectrum) released :: posted by Jason :: 17 Apr 2011

Chessboard Attack for the Spectrum is a puzzle game based around the rules of chess that developer Leszek "LCD" Chmielewski has been working at on and off since 1996. The best description I've seen so far is over at the author's website (link below and the game is in the ZX Spectrum area naturally) where he describes it as "a mix between Chess and Minesweeper"!

  • External link:   LCD's website
  • News source:  World of Spectrum forums

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