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Valley Of Treasures (C64) released :: posted by Jason :: 26 Jun 2011

Valley Of Treasures is a text adventure with a quirk; there's no need to type commands since they're entered through a keyboard-driven user interface. There are five treasures in the titular valley that need to be located and handed over to the Game Judges.

  • External link:   Valley Of Treasures at the CSDb

New reviews added :: posted by Jason :: 20 Jun 2011

After adding a BBC section last update, we'd be mad to roll out another one... but that's what you'd be expecting! Muahaha! So now we've got a combined ZX80 and ZX81 area which currently features coin-op clone Pacman for the ZX80 along with artillery shoot out Cannon War and diamond collection in Boulder Logic for the ZX81. And on the Spectrum we've got Join offering action puzzling from Russia (with love).

Frantic Freddy (C64) released :: posted by Jason :: 17 Jun 2011

Frantic Freddy is facing a towering inferno and, although there don't appear to be any people inside, he's still valiantly going to put all the fires out and rescue any cats that might need saving. And although only Spectravideo owners could help him previously, now C64 owners can join in too!

  • External link:   Frantic Freddy at the CSDb

Mazezam (BBC Micro) released :: posted by Jason :: 06 Jun 2011

Starting life on the Spectrum, Malcolm Tyrrell's Mazezam is sort of a cross between Sokoba and the board game Rush Hour. Mazezam has already appeared on several platforms courtesy of the prolific Ventzislav Tzvetkov and now the BBC gets in on the act with a shiny new conversion, produced by Glass Fractal Software.

  • External link:   Mazezam at Glass Fractal Software
  • News source:  Retro Software forums

Patrol In The Space (Atari 8-bit) released :: posted by Jason :: 04 Jun 2011

The last game for now from Grzybsoniada 2011 is Patrol In The Space which sees a spaceship cruising through treacherous landscapes and not finding any trouble apart from having to manoeuvre through tight gaps; the ship will need fuel though, so regular topping up is advisable.

  • External link:   Patrol In The Space at Fandal's site
  • News source:  Atari Age forums

Quad (Atari 8-bit) released :: posted by Jason :: 04 Jun 2011

The Grzybsoniada-powered Atari onslaught continues with Quad, which starts with four squares placed at the four corners of a twelve by twelve grid and the challenge is to get them to the centre; the squares themselves can't be moved, but if a Tetris-like line or column is completed between them, they'll be pulled towards it.

  • External link:   Quad at Fandal's site
  • News source:  Atari Age forums

Octopus (Atari 8-bit) released :: posted by Jason :: 04 Jun 2011

Based on the Nintendo hand-held of the same name, Octopus, again released during the Grzybsoniada competition, sees little LCD men diving for treasure whilst avoiding the titular cephalopod mollusc - after all, who wants to be grabbed by the tentacles whilst dressed in black rubber?!

  • External link:   Octopus at Fandal's site
  • News source:  Atari Age forums

Narciarzyki (Atari 8-bit) released :: posted by Jason :: 04 Jun 2011

From what I can gather, Grzybsoniada 2011 entry Narciarzyki is apparently a ski-jumping game, although I'm not having much luck and only fluked the one jump by random button mashing. Hopefully some English instructions will turn up soon!

  • External link:   Narciarzyki at Fandal's site
  • News source:  Atari Age forums

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