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The Keep (VIC 20) released :: posted by Jason :: 23 Jul 2011

The VIC 20 now has a Wolfenstein 3D-style game in the form of Kweepa's The Keep; its described as a first person dungeon crawler since there's no bad guys to shoot at (or guns for that matter) and the mission is to survive each stage without the lamp dying, but this does fit into an unexpanded VIC!

  • External link:   The Keep at Denial

Aahku Al Rescate (Spectrum) released :: posted by Jason :: 23 Jul 2011

Aahku Al Rescate (or Aahku to the Rescue according to Google's translator) is a colourful, single screen action game for the Spectrum where the titular Aahku must collect keys to free his imprisoned friends whilst avoiding the enemies stalking him.

  • External link:   Aahku Al Rescate at World of Spectrum

Chang's Adventure (C64) released :: posted by Jason :: 19 Jul 2011

Chang is in the process of having an adventure (which goes at least some of the way to explaining the title of new C64 release Chang's Adventure) which sees him fighting surprisingly visible ninjas, gathering treasure and ultimately attempting to get clear of the maze-like island with a boat. Anybody who enjoyed Willow Pattern should automatically give this one a spin.

  • External link:   Chang's Adventure at the CSDb

Loderunner (C264) released :: posted by Jason :: 13 Jul 2011

Kichy of Assassins does love a good port; this time he's taken the source for Broderbund's Loderunner (which was disassembled by Honz in 2010 and uploaded to the CSDb) and pushed it into the Plus/4; there's a hundred and fifty challenging screens in there, along with an integrated level editor if they don't prove difficult enough.

  • External link:   Loderunner at Plus/4 World

Valley Of Treasures (C264) released :: posted by Jason :: 10 Jul 2011

The C64 version of Valley Of Treasures, which was released last month, has now been "persuaded" by Kichy to make an appearance on the C16 and indeed the rest of the 264 series! As before, it's a text adventure without the need to actually type commands where the player is charged with collecting five treasures for the omnipresent Game Judges.

  • External link:   Valley Of Treasures at Plus/4 World

Space Harrier (Atari 8-bit) released :: posted by Jason :: 05 Jul 2011

Well, it's taken nearly a decade to arrive (in fact it predates Oldschool Gaming and was one of the projects that inspired the website in the first place) and there were times where it seemed to have become just slightly lost along the way, but Chris "Sheddy" Hutt's conversion of classic Sega rail shooter Space Harrier has finally made it out of the Fantasy Zone and into the Atari 8-bit. Get ready!

  • External link:   Space Harrier thread at Atari Age

HyperViper (C64) released :: posted by Jason :: 03 Jul 2011

Over in Psytronilk-land they've gone all snakey, releasing MSX conversion HyperViper for the C64. There aren't any snakes on planes, but they are let loose within a scrolling maze and can be consumed as long as the eating process starts at the end without any fangs.

  • External link:   HyperViper at Psytronik

Forgotten Forest (C64) released :: posted by Jason :: 26 Jun 2011

Jon Wells' Sideways SEUCK (Shoot 'Em Up Construction Kit) for the C64 has made it possible to do all manner of things with Sensible's editor but... a Forbidden Forest clone? That's what Forgotten Forest seems to be and, because it's by SEUCK maven Alf Yngve, it looks pretty decent with it!

  • External link:   Forgotten Forest at the CSDb

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