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Worm 2 (Spectrum) released :: posted by Jason :: 12 Sep 2011

The Spectrum really needed another rendition of Snake... so here's Worm 2 from Russia! And for any readers out there who aren't aware of the omni-present Snake or what it's about, welcome to Earth and it's fairly nice here honest...

  • External link:   Worm 2 at World of Spectrum

Mighty Jill Off (Atari 8-bit) released :: posted by Jason :: 12 Sep 2011

Third game out of the ABBUC cage is a conversion of Anna Anthropy's Mighty Jill Off, a platform game inspired by Mighty Bomb Jack and starring Jill, a lesbian gimp trying to demonstrate loyalty to her Mistress... and it's not every day that'll appear in one of our news feeds! There aren't any enemies to avoid, but the game is pretty tough because the backgrounds are really out to get the player!

  • External link:   Mighty Jill Off thread at Atari Age

Roxblox (Atari 8-bit) released :: posted by Jason :: 12 Sep 2011

The second bite of the ABBUC cherry is another puzzle game, this time by Matosimi called Roxblox; the objective is to shuffle the large blocks in the play area around until they match the smaller version in the status bar.

  • External link:   Roxblox thread at Atari Age

Marbled (Atari 8-bit) released :: posted by Jason :: 12 Sep 2011

The yearly ABBUC competition has closed its doors for 2011 and we're starting to hear about new releases (although only ABBUC members get to play them at this point). Marbled was the first announced title, an attractive, marble-themed action puzzler from MaPa, PG and Miker.

  • External link:   Marbled thread at Atari Age

New reviews added :: posted by Jason :: 19 Aug 2011

It's come a little later than originally expected (one update was skipped entirely because I was away at the Homebrew Coding Weekend 2 and the start of this week was Format War's second "birthday") but there are three new reviews to read! Return to Fort Knox on the expanded VIC 20 is an update of the 1982 Commodore game Raid on Fort Knox, ZX80 Kong squeezes Donkey Kong and Mario's first outing into Sir Clives little marvel and the C64 burps a lot courtesy of the slightly silly Bable Bable.

Dex (Spectrum) released :: posted by Jason :: 11 Aug 2011

Lee Tonks has just released Dex, a maze game starring a magical paintbrush who wants to redecorate the world one randomly selected maze at a time. The local "paint bugs" aren't entirely pleased about this however (possibly due to the choice of colour, the word "subtle" doesn't spring to mind!) and will eat the brush if it gets too close!

  • External link:   Dex at World of Spectrum

Bell Hopper (Atari 2600) released :: posted by Jason :: 11 Aug 2011

Bell Hopper is a rather sweet "Winterbells demake for the Atari 2600" where the player's cute likkle joystick or paddle-controlled bunny has to jump into the air and bounce upwards using the falling bells as springboards; the higher he goes, the more points are awarded and the game is over if poor bunny falls, unharmed of course, back to ground level.

  • External link:   Bell Hopper at Pouet

Wunderchar$ (Spectrum) released :: posted by Jason :: 01 Aug 2011

He was demonstrating a working version of it at the Homebrew Coding Weekend 2 in Manchester a few weeks ago, and now David "R-Tape" Hughes has released his second Spectrum game Wunderchar$ where the player is charged with dashing around to collect falling UDGs (including representations of famous game characteres and fonts) before they're smashed on the ground whilst simultaneously dodging the level's enemies.

  • External link:   Wunderchar$ at World of Spectrum

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