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MultiDude (Spectrum) released :: posted by Jason :: 01 Oct 2014

MultiDude is a Spectrum puzzle game from Alter Ego developers RetroSouls where the player must guide brightly coloured characters to safety; often this involves trying not to block the exit route out for one dude whilst moving the other. It also has a rather lovely soundtrack for AY-equipped Spectrums.

MultiDude for the Spectrum

  • External link:   MultiDude at WOS

Legend Of Traxtor (Spectrum) released :: posted by Jason :: 28 Sep 2014

The Legend Of Traxtor is a match three game that was originally developed for Windows as a GB Jam entry and then converted to the Spectrum.

Legend Of Traxtor on the Spectrum

  • External link:   Legend Of Traxtor website
  • News source:  World Of Spectrum forums

Zombi Terror (ZX81) released :: posted by Jason :: 28 Sep 2014

It needs a 16K expanded ZX81, but Zombi Terror is a conversion of the Spectrum (and indeed other platform) zombie survival adventure from Kabuto Factory.

Zombi Terror for the ZX81

  • External link:   Zombi Terror at WOS

Sector: Invasion (Spectrum) released :: posted by Jason :: 28 Sep 2014

Sector: Invasion is a shoot 'em up, but not one where you blast the enemies; instead the challenge is to rack up a good score by destroying all of the cover on each stage whilst dodging their bullets.

  • External link:   Sector: Invasion at WOS

Shapeshifter (Spectrum) released :: posted by Jason :: 28 Sep 2014

Over at Cronosoft they've just released Shapeshifter, a brand new puzzle game on the Spectrum from Ian Munro, author of previous Cronosoft release Iron Sphere. The game itself is about placing the Tetris-like shapes on screen into the area specified. There's a demo version to download from here.

  • External link:   Cronosoft
  • News source:  World Of Spectrum forums

Speccy Jam 2 releases :: posted by Jason :: 15 Sep 2014

The second week-long Speccy Jam ended on the 5th of September and, along with a collection of entries for current generation platforms that simulated the Spectrum, there were a few titles actually written to run on the real hardware. We've already mentioned First World Problems previously, but the other releases include Jonathan Cauldwell's top down Retro Racer, multi-screen exploration game Find The Greenroom and some blasting action for shoot 'em up fans in the form of Mini Danmaku.

Retro Racer for the Spectrum

  • External link:   Speccy Jam website forums
  • News source:  Indie Retro News

Wap-niak 2014 releases :: posted by Jason :: 15 Sep 2014

Last weekend in Warsaw, Poland the 2014 iteration of the Wap-niak party was held and five 8-bit games were released, one on the Spectrum and four for the Atari 8-bit. The Spectrum game is Archeomania, an action puzzle game based on the coin-op Tetris Plus with a storyline about archaeologists.

Archeomania for the Spectrum

On the Atari the games are Biedny Pies Antoni 2 which is a two player game where one person is a dog leaving... erm, a brown trail across the carpet whilst the other cleans it up, Russian Roulette which does what it says on the tin, a one button, fast-paced maze game called SpeedMaza and SubChase, a simple but cute little shoot 'em up.

The games can be grabbed from the World Of Spectrum and Atari Age forum threads.

Unkatris (ZX81) released :: posted by Jason :: 11 Sep 2014

Unkatris is a Tetris clone for the unexpanded ZX81. So now the name makes a bit more sense! More information can be found at the WOS forums and here's a YouTube video of it running:

  • External link:   Unkatris at WOS

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