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Replay 2011 tickets on sale :: posted by Jason :: 17 Apr 2011

The best retro gaming event in the UK is back for 2011, tickets for Replay have gone on sale at the website. The first event, which was early November 2010, was excellent, with huge names such as Sony, Sega and Nintendo bringing friends like Sumo Digital along to play as well and, off in one corner room, were indie developers Ovine By Design and the almost legendary Jeff Minter demonstrating the then not-quite-finished iOs blaster Minotaur Rescue.

And, because the adorable, fluffy bunnies who organise Replay had a bit of a lapse and asked a certain long-haired wazzock with the organisational skills of a goldfish in a plastic bag to put together something to showcase homebrew gaming, there's going to be an Oldschool Gaming presence at Replay 2011! For any coders wanting to contribute there's more information in this thread over at the Oldschool Gaming forums.

  • External link:   Replay Expo website

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