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OSG Review of 2010 :: posted by Jason :: 02 Jan 2011

Yes ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, it's the first days of 2011 and once more time for a still-recovering Oldschool Gaming to squint blearily at the games released during the previous twelve months, valiantly trying to decide which ones were outstanding enough for the accolade of Oldschool Gaming Game Of The Year Award and how many should simply have had their media erased. As usual, the "polling" for this look back was handled by sending out random messages on Facebook, nagging a few folks on IRC until they either swore or coughed up a couple of titles and "borrowing" anything from 2010 that was listed in interviews - so enjoy!

(And yes, there wasn't a round-up for 2009 but nobody's perfect... if there's ever demand for one it might perhaps get written, but nobody has complained to date!)

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