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New reviews added :: posted by Jason :: 13 Jun 2010
There have been a rather massive eight new reviews added during this first update since the relaunch! For the Spectrum there's a spot of isometric 3D puzzling with W*H*B and coin-op inspired agricultural action from Farmer Jack and the Hedge Monkeys. There's a more mixed bag on the C64, at the top end of the scale is the run and gun goodness of the first Metal Warrior which we really should have covered years ago, whilst at the bottom is platformer Manky...

And finally, we've got a brand new indie section for reviews of games on current generation hardware that aren't remakes but do share a philosophy with 8- and 16-bit titles - to get things rolling, there are four shoot 'em ups reviewed, in particular Eden's Aegis, Irukandji, the retro themed Pulse Blade and the excellent Genetos. Enjoy!
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