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MiniGame 2010 :: posted by Jason :: 08 Jun 2010

Although the "official" MiniGame Competition website has been in transition for quite a while, regular contributor Dr Beep has taken it upon himself to organise things for 2010. There's a bit of staggering on the closing dates; 1K entries should be submitted by 31st August, 2K need to arrive by 31st October and the cut-off for 4K entries is 30th November.

For readers who haven't previously heard about it, the MiniGame Competition is an annual gig where programmers try to squidge working games into as small an initial memory footprint as possible. As games go the results tend to be a little variable on the playability front, but there have been a few cracking games released in previous years such as Venus Express on the C64 or the double entendre laden Spectrum title Big Baps.

  • External link:   MiniGame website
  • News source:  World of Spectrum forums

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