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Amstrad CPC 16K ROM Dev Compo :: posted by Jason :: 02 Jan 2013

We love a good game coding competition here at Oldschool Gaming so were pleased to see one announced for the Amstrad CPC over at the CPCWiki forums (that link aims directly at the relevant thread). Here's a borrowed couple of paragraphs explaining the rules:

"After seeing the success of this kind of competitions in other platforms, we would like to announce the first Amstrad CPC 16KBs ROM Game Development Competition."

"The reasons for the size limit are mainly for opening the compo to more participants. Small games are more probable to get finished than big games. We feel that the focus will be in the playability, originality and making fun games. And a nice feature of the size is that we can fill a gap in the CPC catalog, the lack of "rom games"; there is a lot of romboards these days (Megaflash, Symbiface, ...), but no games. We want to change this and hope, it will help to bring new CPC+ cartridges to the public soon."

Hopefully this'll take off like the ABBUC or RGCD competitions have previously.

  • External link:   Amstrad CPC 16K ROM Dev at CPCWiki

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