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Prince of Persia (C64) released :: posted by Jason :: 16 Oct 2011

In a surprise move, coder Andreas "Mr SID" Varga announced a week ago that been spending his evenings taking apart the Apple II version of Broderbund's Prince of Persia and that, with a lot of hard graft and a passing Easyflash cartridge, he'd converted it to the C64. And after teasing mercilessly for days on end with videos showing the intro, gameplay and just how accurate his conversion was next to Jordan Mechner's original, the promised 16th October release date was met and PoP C64 is now available for download!

Emulator users should confirm they're using VICE 2.2 because they won't be able to mount the 505K cartridge image otherwise.

  • External link:   Prince of Persia at the CSDb

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