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This part of Oldschool Gaming contains a series of articles that hopefully explain game design and mechanics on a more general level rather than having specific source code for one platform. The links included are also more general and in some cases not directly related to 8-bit development, but there is a lot of information there worth reading.

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A quick overview of the theories behind Oldschool Gaming and a breakdown of how the review scores work.

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Game Sites
Games That Weren't Portal

A collection of games and previews that were thought lost until they were located again.


Monthly gaming mag with a large retro section at the back and well-versed reviewers.

Micro Mart

Popular weekly magazine and home of Shaun Bebbington's Retro Mart column.

Retro Gamer

The first international magazine dedicated solely to retro gaming and the machines behind it.


Reviews of new games for classic formats and indie titles as well as a games publisher.

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