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Amstrad's entry into the computer market came in 1984 with their first Colour Personal Computer, or CPC for short. The CPC series were sold as an integrated package, shipped with a monitor and built-in tape or disk drive.. The later CPC Plus series greatly beefed up the graphics and sound specifications.

Amstrad CPC Reviews
Dead On Time

Vertical scrolling and shooting action from Paul "Star Sabre" Kooistra.

 Frank added 02/04/2013  score 9 
Rick Dangerous 128+

Don a Fedora and disappear into the Amazon jungle to find the Goolu tribe... again!

 Jason added 02/04/2013  score 7 
R-Type 128

A 128K remix of Irem's seminal classic, but is it our type of game?

 Jason added 27/01/2013  score 9 
Sewer Rat

There's nothing like a lovely bit of Wensleydale - unless it's abducted by aliens!

 Jason added 21/11/2010  score 6 

The Konami arcade classic arrives on the CPC Plus, after sliding dramatically past a juggernaut.

 Frank & Shaun C. added 01/11/2008  score 9 
Area 51

The US Government insists Area 51 doesn't have any secrets - but here's the big tamale.

 Paul & Jason added 01/06/2008  score 6 

Time for CPC gamers to match together some "groops" of pretty tiles in order to dispose of them.

 Andy & Shaun C. added 01/05/2008  score 8 

Tina Turner said we didn't need another H.E.R.O. but this new incarnation may well prove her wrong.

 Frank & Christian added 24/12/2007  score 8 
Star Sabre

Blast off into space once more... but is this a dashing blade or missing the point?

 Jason & Shaun C. added 24/12/2007  score 8 
zBlast SD

Yay! It's time for some out and out un-ashamed space blasting action for the Amstrad CPC.

 Jason & Frank added 24/12/2007  score 5 
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A wiki dedicated to the CPC, including resources for programmers and notes on some ongoing projects.


A section of Amstrad Today dedicated to cataloging and reviewing homebrew releases.

The Mojon Twins

Previously part of CEZ Games Studio team and now releasing games under their own label.


UK-based purveyors of fine software on tape and disk for several 8-bit formats.


Distributors of the superb Star Sabre 128 for the CPC and other 8-bit fare.


A powerful Windows emulator that has a very high level of accuracy for CPC and CPC Plus hardware.

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