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The Commodore 264 series, represented in most countries by the C16 and Plus/4, were intended as replacements for the aging VIC 20 and popular but expensive to manufacture C64; their success in Europe has seen a remarkable amount of non-commercial software produced over the years.

Commodore Plus/4 Reviews
Trans Logic 2

A block-shuffling sequel with some truly fiendish puzzles - all crammed into a 16K machine.

 Frank & Jason added 01/11/2008  score 6 
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Still growing (it's younger than OSG!) promising to be a great reference for C16 games.

Plus/4 World

A huge collection of C16 and Plus/4 software from the very first titles through to the present.


Multi-platform game, tool and demonstration developers since the mid 1980's.


UK-based purveyors of fine software on tape and disk for several 8-bit formats.


Distributors of the superb Adventures in Time for the Plus/4 and other 8-bit fare.


A powerful multi-platform emulation suite that covers all of the Commodore 8-bits.


An excellent emulator, available as Windows-specific or as an open source SDL version.

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