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Designed for the BBC's Computer Literacy Project and doomed to be associated with schools rather than gaming for a long time, the BBC Micro series were well specified machines with an excellent flavour of BASIC and loads of scope for expansion.

BBC Micro Reviews
Krystal Connection

More platforms to negotiate, this time in search of the legendary Power Krystal on Mars.

 Jason added 17/05/2011  score 8 

Vintage gallery shoot 'em up action written by the chap who wrote Qwak.

 Jason added 17/05/2011  score 7 
Hard Hat Harry

1980s-themed platforming and an excellent excuse for "hard hat" puns!

 Gordon added 17/05/2011  score 6 
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Retro Software

The publishers behind just about everything we've reviewed for the BBC Micro and Electron!


A capable BBC Micro and Master 128 emulator for Windows and UNIX machines.

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