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Hop 'N' Chop

I'm a lumberjack and I'm okay, I sleep all night and run around colourful landscapes all day.

 Andy & adam added 08/04/2004  score 7 

Probably the shortest game we've ever seen, but Ifrit is all about the loops...

 Jason added 15/08/2010  score 7 
Invasion of the Zombie Monsters

Zombies, thousands of 'em - wait until you see the yellows of their eyes...?

 Gordon added 15/08/2010  score 7 
Jet Set Willy 2007

A second attempt to put JSW onto the Atari 8-bit, but this time it's not by Tynesoft!

 Gordon & Jason added 24/12/2007  score 7 
Joe's Adventure

Time to don that Fedora once more and go exploring in Dangerous tombs.

 Jason & Shaun B. added 24/12/2007  score 7 
Koffi: Yellow Kopter

Koffi is a brave little rescue helicopter, can he defeat the evil Pyro and save the trees on his own?

 Jason & Paul added 07/02/2004  score 7 

More arcade-inspired antics as Paul Farrow continues to monkey around with the ZX80.

 Gordon added 20/08/2011  score 7 
Kralizec Tetris

Every platform needs a good rendition of Tetris, here's one from the MSXdev'04 competition.

 Mark & Paul added 23/09/2005  score 7 
Laser Blaster

One of the most unique twists on the block dropping puzzle game we've seen in a while.

 Jason & Gordon added 02/06/2007  score 7 

Space-bound booty collection with more than a few overtones of Thrust.

 Jason & Jeff added 27/06/2005  score 7 
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