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Egghead 3: Egghead In Space

Space-bound platforming featuring a cute creature that bears a striking resemblance to an egg!

 Mark & Paul added 28/11/2004  score 7 
Elevators Amiss

A maid's work is never done and it doesn't help if the elevators go mad - time to call the union!

 Jason & Christian added 04/08/2007  score 7 
Farmer Jack and the Hedge Monkeys

The hedge monkeys are on Farmer Jack's land, 'ee don' loike strangers round these 'ere parts.

 Gordon added 13/06/2010  score 7 
Fast Food

Fast and furious maze action in this loose conversion of the Spectrum original.

 Jason & Mark added 28/01/2004  score 7 
Flash Beer

Hardcore arcade action based on the Boulderdash-cloning C64 original.

 Paul & Andy added 27/06/2005  score 7 
Flowers Mania

How many mutant flowers can you grow in an English country garden...?

 Mark & Andy added 02/04/2008  score 7 

Is the world ready for another variation on Tetris... perhaps it is with new shapes added?

 Jason & Gordon added 09/08/2006  score 7 
Gimme Bright

The Spectrum's unique visuals can be attributed to its colour system... see what we did there?

 Gordon added 17/05/2011  score 7 
Head Over Heels

Excellent looking remake of Ocean's classic isometric arcade adventure.

 Paul & Jeff added 23/09/2005  score 7 

The Golden Orb of Altoris must be recovered before the Hobgoblin hordes take over.

 Jason added 21/11/2010  score 7 
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