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Uwol: Quest For Money

Money makes the world go round... but isn't it already round?

 Gordon added 27/06/2010  score 9 

What would happen if something like Trailblazer were wrapped inside a tube?

 Andy & Gordon added 02/04/2008  score 9 
Astro Nell

Matt Simmonds manages to cram a huge Jet Set Willy game into the VIC... without extra RAM!

 Shaun B. & Frank added 23/09/2005  score 8 
Big Baps

We like to keep abreast of new games at OSG, so here's a nice Burger Time clone. Phwoar!

 Doug & Gordon added 01/09/2007  score 8 
Blue Star

An impressive attempt to crush a huge game into a very small space on the unexpanded VIC.

 Frank & Andy added 02/02/2009  score 8 
Bomb Jack

Hit the Bomb Jack and don't you come back no more... unless it's on the Atari 8-bit!

 Frank & Jason added 02/02/2009  score 8 

Some oldschool horizontally scrolling shoot 'em up action for the Atari 8-bits.

 Andy added 26/02/2013  score 8 
Cannon Bubble

It's got cannons, bubbles and pirates. All in one place! What more could it need apart from ninjas?

 Shaun B. & Shaun C. added 02/04/2008  score 8 
Connection Road

Help spanner-wielding Meg solve puzzles in her quest to grab lots of diamonds.

 Jason added 26/09/2010  score 8 

A large dose of hardcore vertical scrolling space shoot-em-up action.

 Andy & Christian added 28/11/2004  score 8 
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